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  • Pneumatic Compressors

  • ALPHA - Pneumatic Compressors

    ALPHA - Pneumatic Compressors

    The ALPHA series compressors for pruning coupled to the three point linkage and driven by the PTO, represent our manufacturing base, comprehensive range of models designed to give full performance from small user to the most discerning professional, with possible operate all accessories tires (pneumatic shears, olive shakers, pneumatic saws, etc.).

  • MAGNUM - Pneumatic Compressors

    MAGNUM - Pneumatic Compressors

    Compressor coupled to the three point linkage with large boiler and powerful battery-twin high-flow compressor. His particular boiler design with the closest point tractor hitch allows the use of this type of machine with low power. This machine has a boiler accumulator that allows the operator to work with the tractor stationary for several hours, with the resulting fuel savings, noise and environmental pollution.

  • ZAFIR - Pneumatic Compressors

    ZAFIR - Pneumatic Compressors

    The most remarkable feature of this series is great versativilidad use since being towed and transport it can be used with any type of tractor. ZAFIR The model is equipped as standard with top bars carrying practices useful, and powerful twin high-flow compressor.

  • Pre-Pruner

  • JYRAFA - Pre-Pruner

    JYRAFA - Pre-Pruner

    Articulated pre pruning before for size dry and green. Machine with four hydraulic functions, which allows optimum adaptation to any working condition. Parallelogram lifting system, maintaining the same cutting angle irrespective of the working height. Modulus of 5 discs 600 mm in diameter. 2'50 m cutting length. Maximum height 4'10 meters horizontally and 1 meter minimum horizontally. Height maximum 5'70 vertical section and minimum 0'25mt....

  • Fork Lifts

  • Easy - Model EHC 100 - Fork Lifts

    Easy - Model EHC 100 - Fork Lifts

    Simple Elevator adaptable to the three point linkage, with fold-over forks. Optional: Hydraulic third point or hydraulic crate clamps.

  • LIGER - Model EHC 101 & 102 	 - Fork Lifts

    LIGER - Model EHC 101 & 102 - Fork Lifts

    Forklift system duplex, one double effect central lifting cylinder, double lifting chains type 'fleyer', steel cold bended with covering adjustment, roller earings axial reinforced, folding forks, movements: vertical, inclination, displacement. Serial device with 3 manual levers.

  • Herbicide Booms

  • Model H0 - Manual Herbicide Booms

    Model H0 - Manual Herbicide Booms

    Manual herbicide bar with regulation of working width and inclination of the screen. Screen with spring shock. Sprayers with drip + one orientable. Plastic hood for protection.