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  • Bale Twine

  • Tama - Twine

    Tama - Twine

    The Tama name is recognized around the world for quality in Crop Packaging, bringing the reassurance and confidence of quality and innovation and giving the best option to secure your valuable crop. Manufactured to the highest specifications and tolerances, with 100% virgin polymers, the TamaTwine product range covers all twine types. From the lightest twines to the heaviest, there is a twine to suit your needs. A full range of conventional twines for...

  • AGCO - Model 130 - Super Spool Baler

    AGCO - Model 130 - Super Spool Baler

    New technologies in today’s large square balers require new technology in baler twine. Bales are being made denser than ever and this calls for AGCO Baler Twine, the right twine to get the job done. AGCO 130 Super Spool offers the security needed when baling either the heaviest silage bale or the densest straw bales, without letting you or the baler down. It’s manufactured in the now popular ‘big spool’ format, delivers the...

  • Stretchfilm

  • Claas - Wrapex Stretchwrap

    Claas - Wrapex Stretchwrap

    Claas Wrapex Stretchwrap is defined by its highest quality standards and enables the production of high quality silage. Claas Wrapex Stretchwrap is manufactured at Europe‘s most advanced plastic extrusion facilities, in specialized processes which ensure manufacture of the highest quality products. Also, with the provision of technical advice and support, “Wrapex” is more than just a product.