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  • Flex-Mix - Liquid Manure Spreaders

    Flex-Mix - Liquid Manure Spreaders

    About 75% of the power is required by the impeller. The tractor’s hp is transmitted directly to the impeller without going through gears. Requiring less power, the shredding screw is driven by the gear box. With this system, manure is shredded and sucked up in record time.

  • Model FP-25 - Liquid Manure Spreader

    Model FP-25 - Liquid Manure Spreader

    The 4 inches stirring nozzle is the most powerful on the market. It’also the most manoeuverable with its 245° horizontal and 150° vertical swings.

  • Master-Mix - Liquid Manure Spreader

    Master-Mix - Liquid Manure Spreader

    This feature allows a pumping rate of up to 2600 gallons per minute to fill a spreader located left or right of the pump, without braces or any effort.

  • Rever-Mix - Liquid Manure Spreader

    Rever-Mix - Liquid Manure Spreader

    RECOMMENDED TRACTOR 140 TO 180HP PTO (540RPM) With its reversible gearbox, the rever-mix can stir in both directions. It’s designed to stir labyrinth type pits to a maximum depth of 12’. The Rever-mix requires one double action hydraulic output.

  • Pre-Pits Pump

    Pre-Pits Pump

    The teamco pre-pits pump is entirely made of stainless steel, including the ball bearings. It is designed for hog manure and other low-fibre liquids. Its shredding 6 inche impeller is complemented with a 2 inches pivoting stirring nozzle. The pumping operation is done though a 4 inch pipe. Greasing points are located near the electric motor to ease maintenace.

  • Spreaders


    The Teamco spreaders are available in 63 different models, from 2960 gallons up to 7920 gallons. They can be made of steel, stainless steel or marine aluminium. These models come with 4, 6 or 8 wheels.

  • Vacuum Spreaders

    Vacuum Spreaders

    The Teamco vacuum spreaders are offered in several models going from 1500 to 4000 gallons in capacity. Each spreader is manufactured with inside separators that are easily accessible for maintenance. An internal agitator system provides for a even spreading operation. Moreover, the vacuum spreaders are equipped with front and back level indicators, with ??

  • Manure Air Push System

    Manure Air Push System

    ANTI-LOCK PIVOTING COVER (PATENTED) Door mounted on 3 points with a slopping axis to create a downward latéral movement. No slides on the door, therefore no risk of blockage due to the accumulation of manure.