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  • Landrollers

  • Single Section

    Single Section

    Tebben single section landrollers are available from 7 feet to 21 feet. These landrollers are equipped with a 42' diameter drum and 2 hydraulic lift wheels. Models TR7, TR15, and TR17 are fixed width. Model TR21P hydraulically folds for a 7' 6' transport width. Custom widths are available. Please contact us for a quote.

  • Tillage

  • Pull Type Deep Till

    Pull Type Deep Till

    Why Deep Tilling Works: Today's heavier equipment and continuous plowing at the same depth creates plow sole or hard pan. This plow sole forms a barrier which seriously hinders the penetration and percolating of moisture in the field. Deep tilling breaks up this plow sole, hard pan and wheel compaction and allows moisture to percolate throughout the soil and at the same time retains this valuable sub-soil moisture. Two Hydraulic gauge wheels on...

  • 3 Point Rotary Cutters

  • Variable Offset Rotary Cutter

    Variable Offset Rotary Cutter

    Tebben Variable Offset Rotary Cutters feature a hydraulic cylinder and pivoting hitch that offset the machine up to 14'. Offsetting the cutter keeps your tractor away from obstructions allowing you to mow closer. This machine features a 120hp center gearbox with 75hp outboard gearboxes. Chain guards are optional.

  • 3 Point Attachments

  • Three Point Fork Lift

    Three Point Fork Lift

    The Tebben 3 Point Forklift is designed to lift up to 4000 lbs utilizing the 3 point on your tractor. A 2 1/2' x 42' hydraulic cylinder allows approximately 70' of lift height with the TFL-2500-70 and 94' with the TFL-2500-94. Lift height is measured with the 3 point hitch fully raised.

  • Skid Steer Attachments

  • Snow Bucket

    Snow Bucket

    Tebben snow/material buckets are made out of 1/4' steel for a tough and durable bucket. Buckets are reinforced with skid shoes as well as gussets inside the bucket. Weld on blade standard, bolt on blade optional.