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  • Drinkers

  • Nipple Drinking  System

    Nipple Drinking System

    Nipple” type drinker fitted on each partition.In the “Plus” versions, the quantity and location of the nipples installed varies according to the number of birds and the size of the cell.

  • Feeding

  • Trolley with Hoppers

    Trolley with Hoppers

    Equipped with mobile levellers that guarantee uniform distribution of the feed in the troughs.

  • Feed Distribution System with Trolleys

    Feed Distribution System with Trolleys

    Equipped with special dosers that are able to adjust the amount of feed to be distributed, depending on the age of the birds and the number of daily feeds. The feed trough is accessible from the first day of the chick’s life, without any obstacle. With centralised adjustment of an “anti-waste” plate, it is possible to vary the height of the space for access to the trough, following the growth trend of the pullets.Guarantees...

  • Feed Pan

    Feed Pan

    Feed is supplied by means of automatic feed pans to satisfy the requirements of broilers of any age, from day old chicks to broilers during the last growing phases.After the day-old chicks are moved in and during the first couple of days, the 360° flooding feature provides a high feed level in the pan, without additional labor requirements. As long as the pan sits on the ground, the flooding mechanism is automatically active. Additional chick...

  • Climate Control

  • Tecno  - Fog System

    Tecno - Fog System

    Tecno Fog System  of high pressure misting nozzles, located in the area inside the non-wind hood, with the effect of reducing the incoming temperature.

  • Shed

  • Shed Structure

    Shed Structure

    Sheds with a hot-galvanised, electro-welded and bolted metal bearing structure. Walls and roof made of MONOWALL rigid panels covered with a sheet of galvanised plate, with insulation by means of self-extinguishing polyurethane foam; alternatively, covering with rock wool and a roofing sheet.The design follows the regulations in force regarding zone and height.

  • Silo


    Silo in galvanised plate with anti-corrosion treatment, with possibility of loading from the top, with a pneumatic external system, or with an auger and hopper on the ground.The silo may be provided with load cells having MODBUS outputs with impulse/kg for data centralisation.The feed distribution system from the silo to the housing may be accomplished with a spiral or a chain with disks.

  • Drying Chicken Manure

  • Air Blowing System with Turbines

    Air Blowing System with Turbines

    Using the hot air in the building, the system compresses the air and conveys it into turbines that push it towards perforated pipes, laid lengthwise along the cages.The holes in the pipes ensure uniform drying of the manure and adequate ventilation on each tier of the cage, increasing animal well-being.

  • Broiler

  • Model T - Broiler

    Model T - Broiler

    T-Broiler is the newest belt system cage developed by Tecno Poultry Equipment for broiler growing.It has been designed in order to reduce cost and to maximize the profitability, considering the whole lifecycle of the cage, starting from the assembling and then proceeding to management  and maintenance.