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  • Storage

  • Grain Storage and Quick Loading Silos

    Grain Storage and Quick Loading Silos

    Technograin storage silosare the result of a long research and experience. Their structures perfectly respond to the need of cereal and grain storage and are known for their quality, confirmed by theinternational ISO 9001 certificate.

  • Handling- Grain Conveyors

  • Grain Chain Conveyors

    Grain Chain Conveyors

    Zinc galvanized steel structure made rugged of bolted components. Grain conveyor's head made with motoring gear, chain drive and over flow door with adjustable counterweight. Base wtih double screw turnbuckle. High resistance treased steel driving chain with polizene lower guide.

  • Grain Pit Chain Conveyors

    Grain Pit Chain Conveyors

    Grain chain conveyor version for intake pit with double side feeding. Upper cover and inlet hopper for complete pit emptying. Adjustable side openings for proper conveyor feeding.

  • Grain Auger Coveyors

    Grain Auger Coveyors

    Made of bolted galvanized steel components. Geared motor and chain drive. Quality steel, screw, bolted on tubular axle, dust painted, supported by intermediate and ball bearings.

  • Handling

  • Grain Bucket Elevator

    Grain Bucket Elevator

    Self-standing waterproof structure with rugged galvanized steel bolted components. Grain bucket elevator's base is made with oilproof bar drum and double screw tensioner. V-belt drive with pendular gear starco type buckets mounted on oilproof multi-ply belt. Elevator's head with interchangeable wearproof polizene plate, iron drum and explotion safety device

  • Grain Sampling System

    Grain Sampling System

    For a rapid and precise analysis of grain's qualitative characteristics, we have a very good system, essential for grain collecting and drying centres. The grain sampling is made just with a mechanical action which permits to grant the maximum samples homogeneity, to be installed where the product must be weighted thus reducing manufacturing time.

  • Cooling

  • Air Blowing Grain Coolers

    Air Blowing Grain Coolers

    These systems, which we developed for air blowing inside a silo or a warehouse, are very important for a correct and efficient grain cooling. The work design is tailor-made according to the type of container (such as storage silos, warehouse, hangar), its dimensions and adaptability to the floor. Air blowing grain cooler solutions are numberless, so we will present you just some of them.