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  • Gates - Heifer Headlocks

  • Heifer - Safety IV Headlocks

    Heifer - Safety IV Headlocks

    Heifer version of the Safety IV Headlock designed with additional spaces to suit dairy heifers. Manufactured to the same strength and quality as the original Safety IV Headlock

  • Axial Headlocks

    Axial Headlocks

    The Axial Headlock is the traditional headlock, with the cranked pendulum offers a larger headspace, particularly suited to a moderately horned animal.

  • Gates - Feed Barriers

  • Diagonal Feed Barrier

    Diagonal Feed Barrier

    The original Jourdain Diagonal Barrier designed to maximise feeding spaces while reducing feed wastage. All standard sizes are kept in stock with the option of bespoke sizes made on request.

  • Timber Diagonal Feed Barrier

    Timber Diagonal Feed Barrier

    Diagonal barrier complete with timber base is designed to swing open at a complete gate. Ideal for feed passage where access to penning is required on a regular basis. Standard sizes available in stock with bespoke sizes available on request. lower bottom depth available for raised feed passages.

  • Gates - Feed Rails

  • Single Pipe Neck & Spacer Bracket

    Single Pipe Neck & Spacer Bracket

    Heavy duty single pipe feeding system. This cost effective feeding option is commonly used in dairy cow housing. The 100mm space bracket is designed to push the rail away from the cow reducing contact and eliminating injury.

  • Cattle Equipment - Drinkers

  • Bolt to Wall Drinker

    Bolt to Wall Drinker

    Self-filling drinker complete with float. Drainage plug for cleaning. Water connection from either side. Robust construction. Fully galvanised. Can service two pens.

  • Fast Empty Drinker

    Fast Empty Drinker

    Adjustable legs for correct height positioning. Floor sloping to draining valve for effective drainage. 75mm Fast empty valve. No complicated moving parts. Option for wall mounting available. Fully galvanised. Fast access lid.

  • Single Drinker

    Single Drinker

    Self-Filling Bowl complete with float. Drainage plug for cleaning. Water feed pipe from the bottom. Rump rail is optional. Synthetic Bowl.

  • Calf Equipment

  • 2 Meter Creep Feeder

    2 Meter Creep Feeder

    Fully Galvanised.500kg capacity.Complete with bird flaps.Rapid 3 point linkage attachment.Adjustable flap to regulate meal flow.Adjustable legs for adjusting trough height.Hinged lid for ease of filling.Four adjustable calf access points.Sides fitted with neck protection.Large trough to avoid feed spillages.Pen can be removed or lifted up for feeding larger animals.

  • Calf Diagonal Barriers

    Calf Diagonal Barriers

    All tubular steel for calf comfort.Tage safe design.Fully galvanised.Small gaps closed to prevent calves getting their head stuck.4mtr & 5 mtr to be supported in the centre.

  • Wall Mounted Hay Rack

    Wall Mounted Hay Rack

    Fully Galvanised. 1.9m long. Heavy duty design. Bolts directly to a wall. Can be fitted back to back on dividing gate. 70mm bar spacing. Suitable for all livestock types.