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  • Tracked Power Barrow

    Tracked Power Barrow

    TEKNA's range of tracked MiniTransporters is the ideal solution for getting around whatever your needs may be, whether you are a private or professional user, in any condition in which access and transit are difficult.

  • Model MT 200 series - Power Barrow

    Model MT 200 series - Power Barrow

    TEKNA's MT 200 series power barrow was created to solve all types of transportation needs in the Agricultural, Zootechnic and Building sectors whenever small-sized, agile and fast vehicles are required.This machine is perfectly suited for transporting fruit and vegetables, livestock feed and/or manure, and building materials in the aforesaid sectors, respectively, moving quite smoothly even off-road.It is preferable to the classical tracked power...

  • Harvesters


    TEKNA's harvesters are designed to collect olives, chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.Our self-propelled harvesters collect directly from the ground, beneath the plant, after having prepared and leveled the ground below.

  • Model TK 5000 and TK 6000 - Shakers

    Model TK 5000 and TK 6000 - Shakers

    TEKNA is pleased to present its range of Olive Shakers.The range consists of two models, VIBROTEK TK 5000 and TK 6000, both equipped with 2-stroke engines specific for this application, with power and reliability that comply with emission standards.A winning combination, considering the proven shaking power and quality of our machines that today will have an edge on ecology.

  • Flail Mowers

    Flail Mowers

    The TEKNA flail mower range was created to aid the cleaning of grass, brambles and weeds in all those conditions that are difficult for normal mowers to access. Its main feature is to work in uncultivated lands, in the underbrush, in counterslope and/or terracing grounds, cleaning land hosting photovoltaic systems, etc.

  • Model TR 100 - Dual Head Trimmer

    Model TR 100 - Dual Head Trimmer

    TEKNA is proud to introduce an innovation on the market of parkland maintenance machinery: the TR 100 Dual Cutting Head Trimmer.

  • Model TR 60 - Single Head Trimmer

    Model TR 60 - Single Head Trimmer

    The TEKNA TR 60 Single Head Trimmer is the ideal machine, efficient and ergonomic for parkland maintenance.The 60-cm working width of the TR 60 Trimmer simplifies and speeds up the removal of grass from vast areas such as parks and gardens but also in agriculture, eliminating weeding operations and preserving the crops of citrus fruit orchards, olive groves, orchards, vineyards, etc.Its compact shape and light weight make it easy for this machine to...