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  • TerraStar-D


    The TERRASTAR-D service is a precise positioning service designed to deliver decimetre level position accuracy, globally. The service is based around Precise Point Positioning (PPP) - a technique where all GPS system errors are removed or minimised by direct calculation, precise modelling or estimation. PPP consists of a single set of corrections to the GPS and GLONASS satellite orbits and clocks, allowing position accuracy to be maintained...

  • Presice Positioning Experts Services

    Presice Positioning Experts Services

    Terrastar operates, maintains and controls its own network of GPS and GLONASS DGNSS reference stations and associated Control Centre infrastructure to ensure maximum operational reliability of its augmentation services for land precise positioning. This gives Terrastar™ full control and the ability to respond rapidly to customer requirements and advances in technology. Our services are widely applicable by professionals in key areas of the land...

  • TerraStar C

    TerraStar C

    TerraStar-C is an advanced GNSS correction dataset delivered globally from our high availability infrastructure. It complements the other TerraStar datasets, and allows our Partners to further improve the accuracy and robustness of the real-time solution they provide. Dual-frequency code and carrier-phase capable receivers combine the TerraStar-C data with state-of-the-art error models and positioning algorithms to remove and reduce...

  • Farming and Forestry

    Farming and Forestry

    Precision agriculture and forestry operations need accurate and reliable precise positioning. TerraStar precise positioning in agriculture and forestry can minimize costs and maximize yields through improvements in operational efficiency. Embedded into cost effective compatible receivers,  TerraStar provides decimetric accuracies at high update rates for planting, spraying, yield mapping, soil sampling, crop walking, vehicle guidance,...

  • Mining


    TerraStar precise positioning is ideal for many mining applications:

  • Aerial


    TerraStar positioning is ideal for aerial applications as diverse as