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  • Multi-Cult - Multi Purpose Cultivator

    Multi-Cult - Multi Purpose Cultivator

    This Machine has been designed as a multi purpose cultivator featuring soil structuring legs working between 6' and 16' deep, 2 rows of angled 500mm concaved notched discs with heavy duty spring shock resistance and a 700mm steel press ring packer for consolidation. Creating one composite machine enabling all three operations in one pass, from stubble to stale seedbed.

  • Front Presses

    Front Presses

    TerraTech offer the most comprehensive range of front presses in comparison to any other manufacturer. We can offer a machine to suit all soil conditions, with sizes from 3m up to 6m folding. These come with a choice of rings, packers, coils and tine options. The advantages of using a front press are that wheelings will be reduced as the tractor is not carrying heavy front weights, there is less wear on the power harrow/cultivator tines as there is no...

  • PRESS-IT - Cultivator

    PRESS-IT - Cultivator

    Designed to meet the widest range of cultivation needs, especially seedbed preparation in difficult or minimally-tilled land. The PRESS-IT can be configured to suit individual soil types & conditions which means improved clod breakdown & increased consolidation and moisture retention.

  • Cambridge - Roll On Rollers

    Cambridge - Roll On Rollers

    The TerraTech range of Cambridge Rollers are designed and built in Britain for British Farmers. Cambridge rings produce a packed seedbed in the top 2” with a mixture of small clods and fine tilth and are ideal when used to roll in crops. The larger diameter 24” (610mm) rings provide extra weight for superior packing and increased circumference reduces the risk of bulldozing on light, blow away soil. The combination of Cambridge and Breaker...

  • Press On Rollers

    Press On Rollers

    With Sizes ranging from 3 – 8m folding, the PRESS-ON has been designed for the farmer looking for a dual purpose machine. It is capable of shallow minimal cultivations direct into stubble and as a secondary cultivator to break down primary cultivations.

  • Model Combi-Harrow - Cultivator

    Model Combi-Harrow - Cultivator

    The TerraTech Combi-Harrow is a high output heavy duty cultivator designed for larger horsepower tractors. It can produce a seedbed for sugar beet or cereals in just one or two passes and comes in a size range from 3– 6m mounted hydraulic folding and 6-10 m trailed hydraulic folding. The heavy duty front roller firms the ground to enable the tines to work more efficiently. The following four rows of hydraulically adjustable...

  • Heavy Duty Multi Leg Subsoiler

    Heavy Duty Multi Leg Subsoiler

    Terratech manufacture a heavy duty multi leg Subsoiler for pan busting down to 20 inches. The heavy duty box section main frame comes with CAT 3 headstock as standard. The steep 'V' angle gives high tine stagger for increased trash clearance and reduced risk of pulling out large lumps when lifting the machine out of work on headlands. Legs are manufactured from 25mm heat treated Boron steel for superior strenght and wear resistance whilst the point...

  • Model Drag - Cultivator

    Model Drag - Cultivator

    The Terratech Drag is a heavy duty tined, general purpose cultivator. Its uses include primary cultivations direct to stubble and deep loosening of plough land and dragging over potato land. Three rows of 700mm long legs fitted with a 50mm or 80mm wide reversible point designed to work down to 18' deep.

  • Tree Shears for Excavators

    Tree Shears for Excavators

    Terratech tree shears for excavators are rugged and productive, and the perfect tool for applications from road side maintenance to production harvesting.