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  • Extendo - Model 900 - Swift Lift Elevator

    Extendo - Model 900 - Swift Lift Elevator

    The Swift-Lift Extendo 900 elevator has been designed to load into a store and bulker lorries quickly and efficiently. The 900mm wide machine gives you high output and with reduced damage. This is achieved by using soft rubber belts with 25mm high cleats.

  • Single & Double Conveyors

    Single & Double Conveyors

    The Swift Lift Interstore Conveyors offer very smooth and gentle movement of crop between elevators, grading lines and conveyors. The advanced concept offers variable throughput suitable for a wide range of products.

  • Contain-a-Vator


    The Swift-Lift extending Contain-A-Vator has been designed to load the container trailers increasingly being used by processors to transport potatoes from farm to factory. However its unique design makes it equally suitable for loading into a store or bulker.

  • Euro - Elevators

    Euro - Elevators

    Progressive development never stops with ‘Swift Lift’ Elevators and Equipment. Every new idea is rigorously tested to give each user the benifit of modern engineering and technology, plus even more reliability. The first ‘Swift Lift’ Elevators were built in 1969 and some of those elevators are still in service, using the same belts - proof indeed that not only was the design right, but the engineering was of an equally high...

  • Model 900 - Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader

    Model 900 - Sugar Beet Cleaner Loader

    The Hydro-Inspecta 900 was the first variable speed, hydraulically driven cleaner/ loader to be manufactured by Terry Johnson Ltd. The ability to infinitely vary the speed of the webs enables users, be they growers or haulage contractors, to load cleaner beet, faster, by accurately adjusting the loading speed to suit all working conditions.