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  • Grain Drying Equipment

  • Continuous Flow Driers

    Continuous Flow Driers

    Tey Farm Systems specialise in the initial consultancy followed by the supply and erection of a complete range of continuous flow driers to suit your requirements.

  • Grain Handling Equipment

    Grain Handling Equipment

    We supply, install and maintain most makes and models of conveying equipment for handling either small quantities or bulk grain, feed, slurry, seed fertiliser and many other products. Machines for special applications can also be obtained to order. A complete range of flat bottomed drying or storage silos and hopper bottomed silos are available. Our spare parts stock levels are constantly monitored to ensure that we can meet with seasonal demand. We...

  • Turbodan Trailer Drier

    Turbodan Trailer Drier

    The Turbodan is the successor to the Farrell and is manufactured in Denmark. There are 3 models available, TD-15, TD-18 and the TD-25. Based on a hot air temperature of 100-120 degrees (Feed Wheat Only) and a cooling time of approximately 30 minutes you can expect to achieve between 4-5% moisture extraction per load within a 2 hour period – allowing for loading and unloading.

  • Drying Floors

    Drying Floors

    Tey Farm Systems specialise in the initial consultancy and installation of timber drive-on floors.

  • Crop Stirrers

    Crop Stirrers

    Stirrers ease the airflow through the stored crop offering the user the ability to store at greater depths. 

  • Imigation

  • Sports Field and Course Irrigation

    Sports Field and Course Irrigation

    Are you spending hours not only trying to ensure your sports field is looking good but also plays well for your team.  Tey Farm Systems provide a range of solutions from portable sprinklers to fully automated irrigation systems.