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  • Progressive - Model TDR-12 - Tri-Deck Roller Mower

    Progressive - Model TDR-12 - Tri-Deck Roller Mower

    Progressive's new Tri-Deck Roller mower (TDR-12) is the correct choice of wide area mowers for municipal grounds care, playing fields, parks, sports facilities, polo fields and golf courses. This versatile mower cuts as low as 13mm (½') without scalping while it smoothes the surface. It can also stripe for visual impact and speed re-growth by promoting root-to-soil contact for divot repair. Full length rollers allow the cutting deck to bridge...

  • Blowers

  • Trilo  - Model BL200 - Blower

    Trilo - Model BL200 - Blower

    The BL200 is a machine that excels when it comes to blowing capacity. The machine has been fitted with a solid undercarriage with ball-bearing wheels, all of which makes the machine light to manoeuvre. A noise-proofing lining helps to significantly reduce the noise level. The extended tiller-arm and vibration dampers on the handle facilitate comfortable and ergonomic operation. The fan housing, placed at an...