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  • Petrol Cultivators, Tillers & Rotavators

    A petrol cultivator, tiller or rotavator will make the job of digging over the soil so much easier, all selected from trusted brands.

  • Cobra - Model T40B - Petrol Cultivator

    Cobra - Model T40B - Petrol Cultivator

    The T40B Cultivator from Cobra is an extremely versatile self-propelled tiller, great for a variety of gardening situations. With a 16' working width and four high quality steel tines, the Cobra T40B can cultivate up to a 250mm depth and performs equally well in both soft and compacted soil. The front transport wheel is invaluable when transporting your cultivator to and from the job in hand. The ergonomically-positioned controls not only make...

  • Gardencare - Model WBBS40 - Cultivator

    Gardencare - Model WBBS40 - Cultivator

    Take the hard work out of maintaining your flower beds or allotment with the WWBS40 petrol cultivator from Gardencare. The Gardencare WBBS40 garden tiller has a robust steel body. It features a 40cm (16') working width and is equipped with four rear-mounted steel tine rotors with a maximum tilling depth of 10cm, adjustable via the rear leg. The tines are equally efficient at turning the soil for the first time as breaking it down so this machine will...

  • Cordless Cultivators, Tillers & Cultivators

    Cultivate your garden the greener way with a cordless, battery-powered tiller.

  • Push Garden Spreaders

    Lawn and garden spreaders are ideal for the distribution of grass seed and lawn fertiliser, as well as ice melt and dry, free-flowing salt in winter.

  • The Handy - Model THEDS 12 Litre - Eco Drop Spreader

    The Handy - Model THEDS 12 Litre - Eco Drop Spreader

    The Handy THEDS 12 Litre Eco Drop Spreader has variable settings for quick and accurate distribution of lawn care granules, lawn sand, and grass seeds. The lawn spreader has a 12 litre capacity, a 46cm spreading width and sturdy 20cm poly wheels that can easily navigate uneven terrain. The handles are easy fit with no tools required.

  • The Handy - Model THDS 27kg - Drop Spreader

    The Handy - Model THDS 27kg - Drop Spreader

    The Handy THDS drop spreader has a 27kg (60lb) capacity poly hopper and a 56cm (22') working width. It features variable settings for the quick and accurate application of lawn care granules, lawn sand and grass seed. This push spreader is a great choice for even results, especially when spreading weed or moss control treatments.

  • Towed Garden Spreaders

    A selection of tow-behind drop garden spreaders and larger-sized towed broadcast spreaders for use with ride-on mowers and lawn tractors.

  • Granular Lawn Fertilisers

    Look after your lawn and keep your turf in tip-top condition with our range of lawn treatments including organic lawn and fertilisers and moss killers.

  • Viano - Model MOBACTER7.5 - Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser

    Viano - Model MOBACTER7.5 - Bacter Organic Lawn Fertiliser

    Due to popular demand, now available in 7.5kg pack. MO Bacter slow release organic fertiliser from Viano of Belgium is a granular organic fertiliser which kills moss, feeds grass and improves the soil all in one. Not only that, but scarifying after you have treated your grass with MO Bacter will not be necessary and it will not burn plants in your borders if you should spread it beyond your lawn.

  • Model Bio Lime - Organic Lawn Fertiliser

    Model Bio Lime - Organic Lawn Fertiliser

    As your lawn grows it takes up nutrients from the soil. A natural process which normally leads to a reduction in pH, i.e. the soil becomes more acid. At the same time rain, which usually contains acid (acid rain), falls on the lawn increasing its acidity and washes out the lime. As a lawn becomes more acidic it creates an unhealthy environment for grass.

  • Ice Melt

    Six times more effective than rock salt, Magic Ice Melt is the professional way to clear ice and snow fast, and prevents refreezing up to 24 hours.

  • Magic - Ice Melt De-Icer 3kg Shaker

    Magic - Ice Melt De-Icer 3kg Shaker

    Original Magic Ice Melt is a free flowing, fast acting solid de-icer in the form of white 'prills' or granules. The product is completely harmless to humans and animals and will not attack fabrics or metals, thus allowing application without the need for protective clothing. Magic Ice Melt's free flowing properties means it can be applied sparingly, ensuring maximum economy and cost in use.Original Magic Ice Melt is a free flowing, fast acting solid...

  • Rock Salt

    De-icing rock salt is recommended for use on pathways, roads, motorways. White and brown rock salt for use in schools, supermarkets and business parks.

  • SaltMaster - Model BRS - Brown Rock Salt 25kg Bags

    SaltMaster - Model BRS - Brown Rock Salt 25kg Bags

    This Brown Rock Salt is a fast acting and easily spreadable, pure mined salt derived from the UK's main mine based in Cheshire. Brown Rock Salt is recommended for use on paths, driveways, footpaths, roads and motorways, as well as in schools, supermarkets and business parks.  It is certified for use on all UK roads and is, in fact, the same salt used by the Highways Agency and nearly all local councils.

  • SaltMaster - Model WRS - White Rock Salt 25kg Bags

    SaltMaster - Model WRS - White Rock Salt 25kg Bags

    This White Rock Salt is a fast acting and easily spreadable, pure salt sourced directly from Egypt.  It is formed when sea water is evaporated on the salt plains, which leaves thousands of tonnes of raw white sand behind.  This salt is then washed, graded to the correct size and finally an anti-caking additive is added to prevent clumping up.

Products by AL-KO KOBER AG

  • Lawncare Equipment

  • AL-KO - Model 100 Series - Robotic Lawnmower

    AL-KO - Model 100 Series - Robotic Lawnmower

    The new generation of lawn mowers is fully independent, automatic and quiet - the AL-KO Robotic Lawnmower. Regardless of the time, day or night - even if you are not at home. Our Lawn Mower Robolinho ® 100 combines comfortable, independent maintainance your lawn with unobtrusive, quiet operation. That's Lawn Care in perfection.

  • Garden & DIY Equipment

  • AL-KO - Model MH 5001 R Series - Cultivator

    AL-KO - Model MH 5001 R Series - Cultivator

    Manoeuvrable tillers for loosening the soil and preparing the ground for planting. Ideal for incorporation of shredded material, fertiliser, or compost into the ground.Powerful tilling even in hard or heavy clay soils.

Products by E P Barrus Ltd

  • Lawnmowers - Smart Petrol Lawnmowers

  • Smart - Model 42PO - Lawn Mower

    Smart - Model 42PO - Lawn Mower

    The S42PO lawn mower is the perfect model for gardeners moving from an electric model to a petrol model for the first time. It features a 42cm/16.5' steel deck and a powerful yet quiet MTD Thorx OHV engine. Comes with a substantial 60 litre fabric grass collection box.Two levers operate the height adjuster with six cutting positions, which are easy to change and allow you to adjust the cutting height in all conditions. With the S42PO you also have a...

  • Lawnmowers - Comfort Petrol Lawnmowers

  • Comfort - Model CR48 - Push Lawnmower

    Comfort - Model CR48 - Push Lawnmower

    The comfort CR48 push lawnmower features a 48cm / 19” steel cutting deck with a smooth and efficient 159cc Loncin engine. The CR48 is fully equipped with a 4-in-1 system. This allows you to discharge the grass clippings out of the back, collect the grass clippings in the large 60 litre grass bag, discharge the clippings out of the side or mulch the grass clippings using the mulching kit.

  • Lawn Tractors - Smart Lawn Tractors

  • Lawnflite - Model LRF125 - Lawn Tractor

    Lawnflite - Model LRF125 - Lawn Tractor

    The Lawnflite Smart LRF125 Garden Tractor has a cutting width of 96cm/38', with a Briggs & Stratton petrol engine. Practical and robust once you have mowed your lawn with this tractor you will probably never go back to a hand guided mower. This lawn tractor features transmatic transmission allowing the user to pre-select a gear and then just use the speed control pedal to control speed rather than continually having to change gears.Worth noting is...

  • Lawn Tractors - Optima Lawn Tractors

  • Model LLG165H - Lawn Tractor

    Model LLG165H - Lawn Tractor

    The Lawnflite Optima LLG165H Garden Tractor has a cutting width of 107cm/42' combined with a High Perfomance Briggs & Stratton petrol engine it is a real workhorse. This lawn tractor features hydrostatic transmission which allows for smooth and precise manoeuvrings. There is no need to operate the clutch or shift gear which means you can leave both hands on the steering wheel. Worth noting is the extremely tight turning radius of 46cm/18', making...

  • Tillers - Front Tine Tillers

  • Loncin - Model LC360 - Front Tine Tillers

    Loncin - Model LC360 - Front Tine Tillers

    This is a fantastic value tiller, with low fuel consumption and very easy to use. Ideal for small, awkward flower beds, vegetable gardens and allotments. With a 35cm cutting width and powered by a high specification Loncin engine.

  • Tillers - Rear Tine Tillers

  • Model T450 - Rear Tine Tillers

    Model T450 - Rear Tine Tillers

    The T/450 is our heaviest duty 46cm/18' tiller, that features a 6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. This unit is a rear tine tiller that has reverse on both the tines and the drive wheels. The reverse on the wheels is essential for manoeuvrability while the reverse on the tines gives the option of either digging or lifting the soil, this enables the machine to tackle a wide variety of conditions. The drive system is an extremely robust chain/gear...

  • Trimmers/Brushcutters

  • Model MTD SBC26D - Brushcutter

    Model MTD SBC26D - Brushcutter

    Whether you are an expert or a new homeowner looking to clear long grass and undergrowth efficiently, then the lightweight SBC26D is the perfect machine

  • Trimmers/Brushcutters - Premium Trimmers

  • Model S2690MD - Brushcutter

    Model S2690MD - Brushcutter

    The S2690MD Brushcutter comes with a 'D' shaped handle. Also has Mitsubishi  2 Stroke engine, with recoil start. Lightweight and easy to use.

  • Blowers

  • Model BV3000G - Blower Vac

    Model BV3000G - Blower Vac

    The BV3000G has a 2-cycle engine and airflow volume of up to 165 km/h make cleaning up your property easy. Grass clippings on the patio in Summer or Autumn leafs, with the BV3000G you can clean your property fast and efficiently. For smaller areas you have the further choice of switching to the vacuum feature which immediately takes up and shreds the leafs and little twigs to finally store them in the attached catcher bag.

  • Chainsaws - Electric Powered Chainsaws

  • Model ECS200040-KIT - Electric Chainsaw

    Model ECS200040-KIT - Electric Chainsaw

    The high performing electric chainsaws are ideal equipment for all types of sawing work around the house which can be done with cord length. This includes tree trimming and cutting-down of fruit trees, the building of an arbour in the garden, and the cutting of the firewood as well as small wood and branches. Fewer vibrations from the handle featuring a partly rubber covering, an ergonomic build, an engine casing made of fibreglass -reinforced plastic...

Products by Mantis UK Limited

  • Classic Tillers

  • Mantis - Model Classic 4-Stroke - Tiller/Cultivator

    Mantis - Model Classic 4-Stroke - Tiller/Cultivator

    Lightweight, but powerful enough to till through sod and compacted soil. Our unique, patented serpentine tines turn soil into a fine texture, ready for planting, and are guaranteed for life against breakage! At 24 pounds (11kg) it's easy to carry to your allotment, to the shed, the car, or to your neighbour who can't wait to try it! Great for gardeners of all ages and abilities.

  • Mantis - Classic Electric Tiller/Cultivator

    Mantis - Classic Electric Tiller/Cultivator

    Weighing only 21 pounds / 9.5 kg, the incredibly powerful but lightweight Mantis Electric Tiller / Cultivator tills even the hardest of soils. The secret is the patented Mantis serpentine tines! Use the Mantis Electric Tiller to easily break new ground when you're ready to start your garden. Once your garden is established, use the Mantis Electric Tiller to cultivate and weed. Maintaining your garden has never been easier!

  • Tiller Attachments

  • Mantis - Plough Attachment

    Mantis - Plough Attachment

    The Mantis Plough makes deeper furrows and higher mounds. This attachment helps you create ideal growing conditions for your potatoes, leeks, etc. Potatoes and leeks require regular attention to ensure they grow in a deep planted environment. This is where the Plough can really help. Like a plough, set the furrower to the required depth, allow the tiller to move forward and the plough blade creates a wide furrow. This action can also be used to earth...

  • Mantis - Planter Attachment

    Mantis - Planter Attachment

    Dig furrows in any soil! Two special tines dig deep, 6' wide furrows, perfect for tomato plants and corn, beans, potato eyes, asparagus roots, onion sets, and flower bulbs. You get drought-resistant root growth and excellent yields from root crops. Great for tilling in narrow areas. Saves time and energy in the garden! Also perfect for creating raised beds, or cutting trenches for underground irrigation hoses, or low-voltage accent and patio...

  • Mantis - Model Classic, Deluxe 9 / 23 cm Tillers - Dethatcher / Rake Attachment

    Mantis - Model Classic, Deluxe 9 / 23 cm Tillers - Dethatcher / Rake Attachment

    Are weeds and crab grass a problem for you? Then you need this attachment! Quickly removes weeds, dead grass, moss, and the tan-looking built-up 'thatch' that can choke your lawn. The 60 spring-steel picks let you dethatch a 15' / 38.1 cm swath with a single pass. Eliminate hours of back-breaking work. Thatch harbors insects, creates a water barrier, and prevents new grass from growing. Dethatch your lawn regularly, especially before feeding and...

  • Composters

  • Mantis - Original ComposTumbler

    Mantis - Original ComposTumbler

    Makes Compost in 10-14 Days: Here's the garden composting product that started a revolutionary new way to make compost nearly 40 years ago! It's easy to load. This batch composter has the largest capacity of any we offer - it holds up to 635 Litres! It's easy to turn. It saves time and labor while providing you with a steady supply of your own homemade compost in just two weeks (or less!).

  • Mantis - ComposT-Twin Two-Bin Compost Tumbler

    Mantis - ComposT-Twin Two-Bin Compost Tumbler

    The Mantis ComposT-Twin two-bin compost tumbler ... there's always a place for your scraps, there's always compost for your garden. Create rich, nutrient-filled compost for your vegetable, fruit or flower garden. Composting is the best way to put organic nutrients back into your soil for a lush vegetable, fruit or flower garden. And the Mantis ComposT-Twin lets you do it with no mess, no odours and no hard work! Our unique two-chamber design allows...

Products by Earthquake

  • Earthquake - Cultivators

  • Earthquake - Model MC43 - Cultivator

    Earthquake - Model MC43 - Cultivator

    With a 43cc Viper engine the Earthquake MC43 cultivator can weed, work-in fertilizer, or aerate soil. Its small size and light weight not only make it easy to transport, but it also enhances maneuverability around plants without damaging them. Use with optional Edger accessory to maintain clean borders and edges, and dethatcher kit for healthy lawns (sold separately).

  • Earthquake - Model MC440 - 4 - Cycle Cultivator

    Earthquake - Model MC440 - 4 - Cycle Cultivator

    The Earthquake MC440 4-cycle cultivator is a powerful and lightweight solution to maintaining your garden. Designed with stand-up starting, you can comfortably control stops and starts without bending over. The largest-in-class 40cc Viper 4-Cycle engine requires no mixing of oil and fuel. It also produces less noise, and lower emissions. A variable speed control provides versatility when cultivating different soil types. The MC440 also features...

  • Front Tine Rototillers

  • Earthquake - Model 99cc - Tiller Cultivator

    Earthquake - Model 99cc - Tiller Cultivator

    The Earthquake VERSA front tine tiller is two garden tools in one! As a cultivator, VERSA can weed, mulch and aerate soil. As a tiller, the high-performance 99cc Viper engine and design delivers the right amount of power to turn all kinds of soil. Prepare wide open spaces of land in the Spring, maintain rows in the Summer, and do major cleanup in the Fall.