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  • Drying Systems

    Drying Systems

    The Top Dry Series 2000 Heater is a high tech heater system available for both vane axial and centrifugal applications. Available in 36' and 42' models, these units feature a backlit LCD display, full programmability, remote monitoring and networking capability. Building upon proven quality and sound design, the Series 2000 Heater represents an innovation in in-bin drying technology. With its user friendly computerised control system, the Series 2000...

  • Grain Storage Systems

    Grain Storage Systems

    With a state of the art manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in Assumption, IL and manufacturing, sales and warehouse facilities throughout the world, The GSI Group continues to expand its product lines and market presence. Grain Systems is the founding unit of this group and the world leader in grain storage bins/silos and accessories, conditioning and drying equipment and material handling equipment. With a sales and engineering staff...

  • Material Handeling

    Material Handeling

    For larger scale grain handling, rigid augers, drag conveyors or similar types of equipment are used. For the lower volumes often handled in animal feeding systems or other special situations, the Flex - Flo flexible auger system can provide a flexible solution.