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  • Bags / FFS Films

  • PP Woven Bags

    PP Woven Bags

    PP Woven Bags and Sacks produced from 100% polypropylene. With an experience in the manufacture of PP bags dating back to 1865, we offer the most reliable products for various packaging applications. A big variety of dimensions is available, for every agricultural and general packaging use, i.e. flour, rice, animal food, olives, cotton, fertilizers. All bags are availiable with or without top hemming and with or without valve.

  • PE Raschel Knitted Bags

    PE Raschel Knitted Bags

    A tape knitted construction net bag produced from 100% High Density Polyethylene. Thrace Group Knitted Bags come with UV resistance for long term exposure to the sun.

  • Thermoforming Cups

  • Drinking Cups

    Drinking Cups

    Volume range: 0.19 - 0.40 lt. Diameters: 70.5 - 75 - 95 mm. Wide range of shapes and dimensions. Extra clear. Rich colour palette. Decoration: 6-colour Offset Printing. 100% Recyclable. Accessories: Dome Lid.

  • Crates

  • Technical Fabrics - Construction

  • Concrete Fibres

    Concrete Fibres

    Polypropylene multifilament fibers are high performance and high chemical resistance fibres developed for crack control of concrete i.e. to reduce the incidence of plastic shrinkage cracking. Thrace Group PP Multifilament Fibres are specially engineered and manufactured for use in concrete, mortar or grout.

  • Technical Fabrics - Agri / Horticulture / Aquaculture

  • Groundcover


    Thrace Group groundcover fabrics offer exceptional weed control, eliminating the need for herbicidal or insecticidal sprays. They are UV stabilised for long term exposure to the sun and are available in a selection of weights, colours, widths and lengths.

  • Root Barrier

    Root Barrier

    A UV stabilised, polypropylene needlepunched nonwoven geotextile, coated with PP on both sides or not, for root barrier applications.

  • Technical Fabrics - Landscape - Gardening

  • Gardening / DIY Mini Rolls

    Gardening / DIY Mini Rolls

    A family of products for building and landscape applications, addressing the DIY market. The product range consists of woven fabrics, needlepunched and spunbond nonwoven fabrics, as well as tape and monofilament nets. All products come in the form of mini rolls so that DIY consumers can handle them easily.

  • Technical Fabrics - Furniture and Bedding

  • Covering - Separation Fabric

    Covering - Separation Fabric

    Thrace Group range of nonwovens consists of spunlaid, continuous filament, thermally bonded and needlepunched fabrics made out of 100% polypropylene. They are all non-toxic materials, with a wide variety of characteristics.

  • Pocket Spring Fabric

    Pocket Spring Fabric

    Thrace Group Nonwoven is a spunlaid, continuous thermal-bonded filament, made out of 100% polypropylene. It is a non-toxic material that comes in a wide variety of characteristics and can be easily welded for pocket spring applications.

  • Technical Fabrics - Automotive

  • Flooring


    Thrace Group industrial product line includes nonwoven and woven fabrics for a large variety of product end uses including automotive, building materials, absorbency, furniture, bedding, and flooring. Quick turn-around of custom fit solutions that meet clients' needs is the Group's strong suit.

  • Industrial Yarns - Fibres

  • HDPE & PP Monofilament Yarns

    HDPE & PP Monofilament Yarns

    High Density Polyethylene & Polypropylene Monofilament yarns of high and medium tenacity, with a wide Denier range - from 150 to 800 deniers.