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  • Tigerco - Drum Mowers

    Tigerco - Drum Mowers

    The Reese mower has remained very much the same for 37 years. With only 5 moving parts, the belt driven mower absorbs any shock load when striking rocks or other objects. with no expensive gears or oil reservoirs to check, you never have to worry about a major breakdown costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, nor have the constant fear of a major repair. There is never need for niether expensive shop labor or downtime to keep you out of the...

  • Tigerco - Disc Mowers

    Tigerco - Disc Mowers

    We offer two heavy duty 3PT hitch isc mowers from the Reese Agri Line. These tough low maintenance mowers are designed for mowing hay and silage.  There is an 8' and 9'4' model. A KEY FEATURE OF THE MOWER IS THE STRENGTH OF THE HEADSTOCK.

  • Tigerco - Enrossi Rakes

    Tigerco - Enrossi Rakes

    Tigerco is proud to offer the Enrossi line of rakes. The Rake Caddy and the Easy Rake are simple and easy to use. The Rake Caddy has 2 single rake frames operated by 2 cylinders which use tractor hydraulics to raise and lower the finger wheels. This allows the operator to operate the Rake Caddy directly from the tractor seat. Raking Wheel diameter 55' and 0.27' teeth in special steel.  Center Kicker Wheel is also available as an option. RAKE...

  • Tigerco - Heliwrapper

    Tigerco - Heliwrapper

    The Reese Agri offers a unique, patened inline continuous bale wrapper that utilizes the tractor 3PT linkage for easy transportation. The Reese Agri Heli-Wrapper is extremely easy to use, can cope with heavy silage bales and has a high throughput.

  • Tigerco - Bale Feeders

    Tigerco - Bale Feeders

    Tigerco offers a range of unique chainless bale feeders manufactured by Reese Agri. The machines are designed for the fully controlled feeding out of hay and silage, round or square bales. There is a 3PT linkage  (CF-2000) and a trailed model (CF-4000). Both machines are strong and low on maintenance with a minimum of moving parts. Feeding out of hay or silage is accomplished through a unique combination of teasing rollers and a hydraulic lifting...

Products by Reese Group Ltd

  • Nairn - Harvesters

  • Nairn  - Model 1230 - Harvester

    Nairn - Model 1230 - Harvester

    The ultimate in harvesting technology. Designed to move large volumes of fruit in excellent condition while leaving the vines looking as if they haven't been picked.

  • Nairn  - Model 2680 - Harvester

    Nairn - Model 2680 - Harvester

    The latest addition to the Nairn Self-Propelled Harvester range, this harvester is based on the 680 Tow Behind and offers compact engineering ideally suited to the boutique vineyard with minimal headlands and narrower row widths. Essential for those wanting high quality grapes from vine to winery.

  • Nairn  - Model 630 - Harvester

    Nairn - Model 630 - Harvester

    Belt Conveyors with cleats make this harvester ideal for a wide range of conditions.  Ease of operation and service ensure the 630 is suitable for vineyards and operators of any size who have price and harvesting economy in mind

  • Nairn  - Model 680 - Harvester

    Nairn - Model 680 - Harvester

    The benchmark harvester of all Tow-Behind grape harvesters. With the Nairn picking head, a robust chassis designed to last the years and many options on configuration, this is the most popular harvester available.

  • Nairn  - Model 780 - Harvester

    Nairn - Model 780 - Harvester

    Similar to the 680, but with bigger buckets and bigger chassis for bigger vines with bigger crop loads. Ideal for minimal pruned vines and wider cross arms.

  • Aitchison - Cultivators

  • Easyflow  - Model WT6868 or WT7774 - Light Tine Cultivator

    Easyflow - Model WT6868 or WT7774 - Light Tine Cultivator

    The Aitchison wideline cultivator is designed as a finishing machine for field cultivation. It is a trailed 6.85 metre (23 foot) or 7.75 metre (25 foot) folding machine ideally suited for those wishing to minimise seed-bed preparation time. The floating gangs follow the ground contour giving unequalled coverage. The Easyflow utilises a unique quadrant action lift mechanism. Not only does a single cam fold the cultivator, but it...

  • Aitchison - Grass Farmer - Pasture Drills

  • Model 3014C & 3018C - Pasture Tine Drills

    Model 3014C & 3018C - Pasture Tine Drills

    Aitchison Grassfarmer Pasture Drills are designed specifically for pastures requiring renovation and renewal also suitable for cultivated soils. They are a lower cost economy linkage model with seed box only. Ideal for first time no-tillers. Low HP requirements. Accurate sponge seed feed mechanism sows all seeds at rates from as low as 1kg/ha (0.9lbs/acre) and up to 350kg/ha (311lbs/acre). Ni-hard knock on/off Aitchison inverted 'T'boots with Tungsten...

  • Reese UFO- Disc Mowers

  • Reese UFO- Drum Mower

  • Model 1600  - Drum Mower

    Model 1600 - Drum Mower

    1.6 metre cut (5'3') cut twin drum 3 point linkage machine recommended for smaller holdings and light tractors. A minimum of 30 HP is recommended to power the 1600.

  • Model 2070W  - Drum Mower

    Model 2070W - Drum Mower

    2.07 metre cut (6' 9') cut twin drum 3 point linkage machine recommended for medium holdings and small tractors. A minimum of 45 HP is recommended to power the 2070.