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  • OPTIL - Bedder

    OPTIL - Bedder

    This one of a kind Bedder is designed for fields with drip tape irrigation. It has in-row rippers, disc-mounted bed builders, bed chisels, hydraulically controlled heavy reel and heavy basket assemblies and a finish bed shaper. The OPTIMIZER breaks up the soil following harvest—incorporating crop residues, thoroughly mixing and conditioning the soil and leveling the fields. Following the OPTIMIZER, this Bedder produces excellent results. Not...

  • OPTIL  - Down Pressure Star Roller

    OPTIL - Down Pressure Star Roller

    The OPTIL Down Pressure Star Roller attaches to any existing V-Chisel. It features aggressive heavy duty star roller wheels to break up large clods and rebalance the ground for a smoother finish pass. The down pressure roller is hydraulically controlled to maintain a consistent pressure on the soil while also allowing instant operator re-adjustment to adapt to varying soil conditions.

  • Conventional Tillage

    Conventional Tillage

    Farmer Kevin McDonald was not happy with conventional tillage. He needed to beat down his high costs of fuel and labor so he created the Incorpramaster. Mark Hoffman, a dairy farmer and engineer, bought an Incorpramaster and soon joined Kevin’s team. Together they took tillage to the next level with the OPTIMIZER.

  • Automatic Control System

    Automatic Control System

    Computer Automated. Heavy-Duty Steel Drum for Long Life. Heavy-Duty Chain & Gearbox. Heavy-Duty Trunnions & Riding RingsCustom Site Layouts. Designed & Manufactured in the USA.