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  • Ensilage Systems

  • TKS - Traverse Cranes

    TKS - Traverse Cranes

    Traverse Crane equipped with TKS El. Chain hoist and el.hydraulic grab, operated with a wireless remote-control. This equipment expands your possibility for lifting and handling all kinds of goods and materials on the barn, in a work-shop or garage. We also have developed a special monorail system for optimal use in silos. We call it a “watch-hand” system, due to the special characteristics in function and design. This system is a good...

  • TKS  - Top Unloader

    TKS - Top Unloader

    We offer one of the widest range of models on the market today. Royal model 250 for Ø4m, 6m silos (3kW motor), Royal model 310 for Ø5m, 8m silos (4kW motor).

  • TKS - Electric Chain Hoist

    TKS - Electric Chain Hoist

    Since 1968 TKS has gradually developed the most complete and well-adapted range of lifting and handling equipment for the agricultural market in Scandinavia.

  • Feeding Systems

  • TKS - Model 1200 og 1600 - K2 FeedRobot System

    TKS - Model 1200 og 1600 - K2 FeedRobot System

    TKS K2 FeedRobot is based on the system as K2 CombiCutter, and has been designed for cutting and dispensing silage, round bales/square bales and silage. K2 FeedRobot handles most types of round bales and silage, including frozen forage. But an automated system sets still larger requirements of shape and consistency, therefore it is important to avoid 'hard tough silage'.

  • TKS - Model 1600 and 1200 - K2 CombiCutter System

    TKS - Model 1600 and 1200 - K2 CombiCutter System

    K2 CombiCutter can be used to cut / strip all types of feed, such as round bales, silage, cut and mixed feed. It handles most types of feed, from wet to dry, from long to short material. The machine delivers an even and good feed output, thanks to the unique knife drum with 38 double knives and automation with pressure regulation.