Tomtech (UK) Limited

Tomtech (UK) Limited

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  • Micro Range

    The Tomtech Micro range of controllers provide high performance, low cost control for heating, ventilation and screens. Easy to use, with a built in LCD display in plain English, simple 3 key keypad and ‘set’ knob for changing settings. The controllers are built to the same very high standard as all other Tomtech products. They are housed in tough polycarbonate cases with hinged clear polycarbonate lid and stainless steel hinges for long life.

  • Tomtech - Micro Vent Controller

    Tomtech - Micro Vent Controller

    Greenhouse ventilation controllers, provide proportional vent control for all motorised vent systems with options for wind and rain sensors to limit vent opening in bad weather.

  • Computers

    A range of computers for environmental and irrigation control for all horticultural applications. All Tomtech computers can be linked together to create a distributed control system to meet your control requirements from small single zone to large scale multi – site applications Computers.

  • Tomtech - Model T200 - Horticultural Computer

    Tomtech - Model T200 - Horticultural Computer

    The T200 colour touch screen computer is highly configurable for both environmental and irrigation control by fitting up to 15 plug in boards to add the inputs and outputs for your application.