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  • TSC - Steel Silo Construction

    TSC - Steel Silo Construction

    There are great forces on high silo structures that need to be handled by the supporting steel construction. There are also specific conditions for each silo that have a great impact on the loads that the silo has to be able to bear: from the bulk weight of the product to be stored combined with the capacity per cell to the vibrating machines on the cell deck, from wind loads or hurricane forces to serious earthquakes. The huge forces on a silo have...

  • TSC - Hoppers

    TSC - Hoppers

    Hoppers are a crucial part of every plant and therefore of every silo that we build. Without the right hoppers the production process grinds to a halt. TSC devotes a great deal of attention to this elementary part of the silo structure; after all, the hopper is literally a bottleneck in the process. Hoppers can be supplied in all desired shapes and sizes to suit your product and your process.

  • TSC - Smooth Wall Silo

    TSC - Smooth Wall Silo

    If there is one unique feature of TSC silos, it is the completely flat, smooth walls. Even the most difficult bulk products leave our smooth wall silos without any problem. A clever design ensures that there are no welding seams on the inside of the cell. Smooth-walled silos derive their strength from the same clever design.

  • TSC - Roofing and Facade Cladding

    TSC - Roofing and Facade Cladding

    TSC handles the construction of square silos from A tot Z. Part of this – if desired – is distinctive roofing and facade cladding, fully in your own style. TSC is able to supply and install both the purlins and roof structure and the single or insulated wall cladding and roofing. And the required pivoting/tilting windows, electric roller doors, skylight or fire-resistant doors are no problem. Everything customised, just as you want it. One...