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  • Smooth Wall Bins

    Smooth Wall Bins

    If there is one unique feature of the TSC square silos it is the ultra-smooth walls. Even the outlet of the most challenging products is problem free. A smart design ensures that you will not find any weldings inside the bins, without any tradeoff for the silo strength.

  • Hoppers and Bunkers

    Hoppers and Bunkers

    Without the right hopper your production process will come to a stop. TSC is paying huge attention to this elementary part of the silo construction. Hoppers can be delivered in any shape or size, suitable for your product. Besides hoppers, TSC also delivers bunkers for intermediate storage. Of course we will take care of seamless integration in the rest of the process.

  • Bin Roof

    Bin Roof

    A silo without a bin roof is not finished. Of course TSC is taking care of a decent bin roof, seamless integrated in the logistics with chain transporters, tubes and valves. The floor is made from safe checkered plates, an even coated floor is optional. In case the bin roof is not covered with a roof construction and exposed to weather, TSC delivers galvanized and increased inspection edges. Railings and cage ladders also belong to our scope of...

  • Contrasets


    Many different products in relatively small volumes, but yet quick loading of the bulk trailer required? Then contrasets offer the solution. A contraset is more or less a silo bin, consisting of several relatively small compartments. The contraset compartments resemble the bulk trailer compartments. This enables to load all compartments of the bulk trailer at the same time. Conventional loading systems only allow for sequential or limited parallel...

  • Roof Material and Cladding

    Roof Material and Cladding

    TSC takes care about your project from the beginning to the end. Attractive and representative cladding in line with your corporate identity and decent roof material is an indispensable finishing. TSC delivers single wall cladding or optional double wall isolated cladding or roof material. Temperature wise comfortable for your employees, sound wise pleasant for the neighborhood. Also isolation prevents condensation.

  • Steel and Roof Construction

    Steel and Roof Construction

    At high silo constructions, large forces arise. These must be supported by proper constructions. TSC is able to supply you with a solid steel support construction. Safety is guaranteed and everything is calculated according to the latest standards (DIN 1055 / EN 1991). We are familiar with influences of wind and earthquakes. With advanced software programs we work out your project until the last detail.