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  • Guidance Systems

  • Topcon - Model AES-25 - Automatic Electric Steering System

    Topcon - Model AES-25 - Automatic Electric Steering System

    AES-25 is an advanced solution for all platforms - from basic steering to those striving for high-accuracy results. AES-25 is fully compatible with the Topcon AGI-4 and X Family of Consoles. AES-25 not only provides precise steering control, but is a superb alternative to common hydraulic steering systems.

  • Topcon - Model 110 - GPS Lightbar Guidance System

    Topcon - Model 110 - GPS Lightbar Guidance System

    Topcon's lightbar guidance systems are well known tools of agriculture, improving efficiency and operating speeds while reducing overlap and extending hours of operation. System 110 delivers maximum operating simplicity in a lightbar guidance product. With features such as a detachable lightbar for optimum “field of view” placement  and a 5” high-visibility color display that operates in separate “day” and...

  • Topcon - Model 150 - Guidance Systems

    Topcon - Model 150 - Guidance Systems

    Using next generation positioning technology, System 150 provides industry leading performance for today's farmer. System 150 supports a wide range of steering ready tractors. On-screen visual aids and easy-to-read coverage maps provide job information for complete application accuracy. System 150 offers a range of guidance patterns including boundary and U-turn recognition, making it easy to complete turns and lock on to the next swath. Rugged,...

  • GPS Receivers

  • Topcon - Model AGI-4 - Receiver and Steering Controller

    Topcon - Model AGI-4 - Receiver and Steering Controller

    A complete integrated steering solution featuring multiple-constellation GNSS satellite reception, state-of-the-art inertial sensors, full terrain compensation, with superior line acquisition and holding capabilities.  All-in-one, modular design includes antenna, receiver, and steering controller in a single component offering unmatched upgradeability. Standard with WAAS and EGNOS, easily upgradeable to 2cm accuracy with RTK radio options. NTRIP...

  • Laser Transmitters

  • Other

  • Topcon - On-the-Go Crop Canopy Sensor

    Topcon - On-the-Go Crop Canopy Sensor

    CropSpec is a real-time integrated crop monitoring and application system for agricultural equipment, developed in cooperation with Yara International. Designed for use with Topcon’s X20 or X30 consoles, CropSpec operates with the VRC program (MapLINK) or any of the X20 or X30 application controllers and allows the user to monitor in-field variability, treat on-the-go, or keep data for future analysis or prescription application.

  • Excavating and Mass Hauling

  • Topcon - Model X-53 - Excavator

    Topcon - Model X-53 - Excavator

    Connect and unleash the power of your excavator with a modern 3D control system. Guided by GNSS, you can make your grade anywhere on site without any additional set-up. The powerful LED driven control box will be your eyes and ears while our automatic GNSS receiver keeps you where you need to be.

  • Topcon - Model X-53i - Excavator

    Topcon - Model X-53i - Excavator

    This trim 3D excavator system provides you with modern tools when excavating complex slopes or 'in the blind.' Every bucket movement made is tracked in real-time, delivering you the information needed to reach grade immediately. The purpose-built X53i system allows you to work independently - the software quickly directs you to centerlines and guides your bucket to grade. If you’re looking to keep your schedule on track and streamline tasks this...