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  • Combo Bulk Head

    Combo Bulk Head

    Why buy 2 attachments when 1 will do the job of both?  We now have an attachment that combines 2 attachments into one!  One Bulk head, 3 interchangable bale spears & 2 pallet forks.  Our heavy duty bulk head is made with tubular US steel to hold up to heavy jobs. 48' Forks, are rated at 4000 lbs./each, and our 3-repositionable, 36' Bale Spears, are rated at 1900 lbs./each.

  • Model 36 - Bale Spear with 3 Prongs

    Model 36 - Bale Spear with 3 Prongs

    Our custom configuration, made with US steel, lets you decide how to get your job done right.  3 forged, tappered spears. The threaded ends make it simple to repostion the spears, to accomodate round or square bales. 36'Tine length, with a rating of 1900 lbs./each. Our Walk through bulk head, also features a key way hole on each end so you can secure your load by locking it down with a log chain.