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  • Ground Cover

  • VICONA - Model Mononet - Wind Net / Wind Fabric

    VICONA - Model Mononet - Wind Net / Wind Fabric

    This is a strong and durable wind net that gives you excellent protection against wind, frost, dehydration and transparency etc. VICONA 'Mononet' is also UV-stabilised and stretch-strengthened. In addition, this net provides great ventilation and good lighting- providing 50% or 70% wind-resistance.  The net is produced with attachment loops already interlaced into the fabric for the easier construction. The VICONA 'Mononet' is suitable for most...

  • Snowblower

  • Snowblower


    This snow blower is both smooth and powerful, it has enough power to easily clear away large amounts of snow.  This proudct has a suitable depth of up to approx. 51 cm. The working width is 56 cm. This  product is available in 5 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. The output of the snow is controlled by a crank...