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  • Hose Reelers

  • Tramspread - Model 1000m and 600m - Mounted Umbilical Hose Reelers

    Tramspread - Model 1000m and 600m - Mounted Umbilical Hose Reelers

    TRAMSPREAD 1000m and 600m Random Wrap Hose Reelers are designed for use with front or rear tractor linkage. The 600m version has a detachable spool which is easily and quickly removed from the heavy duty and robust carrying frame by removing two securing pins, lowering the reel to the ground and moving away. One frame can serve several spools. The spool is rotated by a heavy duty motor and gear drive powered hydraulically from the...

  • Trailed Umbilical Hose Reelers

    Trailed Umbilical Hose Reelers

    TRAMSPREAD Heavy Duty Trailed Hose Reelers are available in I500m, 1800m and 2000m capacity with galvanised reels holding 4 inch or 5 inch drag hose. A twin hydraulic drive version is also available to carry up to 1600m of 6 inch drag hose. Reelers are hydraulically operated from both tractor and reeler to allow controlled recovery and laying out with no over-run. Standard wheels and tyres 550/60 x 22.5

  • Applicators

  • Model 24m  - Dribble Bar Aluminium Booms

    Model 24m - Dribble Bar Aluminium Booms

    Aluminium booms with left and right geometric control. Twin vogelsang exacut macerators. Twin hydraulic sluice valves for left and right slurry control. Dribble outlets positioned 300mm apart. Centre frame with parallelogram action allows boom spread height adjustment independent of tractor 3 point linkage/swinging arm. Electro hydraulic boom control. Flow meter ready. ISO-BUS readyQuick fit ‘A’ frame complete with male...

  • Spread Nozzle Booms

    Spread Nozzle Booms

    Available in spread widths from 8m (single outlet) up to 24m (triple outlet), the TRAMSPREAD spread nozzle applicators are built to a high quality and are fully galvanised. With attention to setting of height and output angle on the twin outlet boom it is possible to produce a spread pattern with a coefficient of variation of below 20% in the field. A low level spread with large droplets ensures even distribution of slurry. Reduced drift eliminates...

  • Mixing

  • PORCO  - Slatted Floor Mixer

    PORCO - Slatted Floor Mixer

    Compact, easy handling and high mixing performance with specially shaped folding propeller to stir up peaty pig slurry.

  • Slurry Tankers

  • Tramspread Tanker Booms

    Tramspread Tanker Booms

    The hydraulic folding TRAMSPREAD Tanker Booms are built to a high quality and are fully galvanised. Attaching booms to most makes of tanker is a simple operation. Mounted by a 4-point fixing to the slurry tanker and a 6' tank outlet, the TRAMSPREAD 6m Dribble/12m Twin spread nozzle Combination Bar is one machine capable of performing two duties. With left and right sluice valves closed and central sluice valve open,...

Products by Hexa-Cover A/S

  • Hexa-Cover - Floating Barrier

    Hexa-Cover - Floating Barrier

    The Hexa-Cover Floating Barrier is an effective and economical way to contain trash, debris, logs, timbers and plants. Made from a robust, impermeable PP the Hexa-Cover Floating Barrier is equipped for short as well as long-term containment in almost any application and location.