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  • AutoStack  - Model II  - Automatic Turf Harvester

    AutoStack - Model II - Automatic Turf Harvester

    The Trebro AutoStack II is the ultimate high production automatic turf harvester. The AutoStack II is a totally refined machine by any standard. Not only does it feature Trebro’s economy, reliability and time tested value, it also incorporates many new features that set it apart from any other turf harvester on the market today. The state of the art heated and air conditioned cab uses curved glass front and rear for...

  • GearMaster  - Model 6800  - Folding Wing Gear Drive Mower

    GearMaster - Model 6800 - Folding Wing Gear Drive Mower

    Trebro is proud to introduce our new GearMaster 6800 Folding Wing Gear Drive Mower. The GearMaster 6800 provides superior mowing performance with its triple deck, 22 ft cut. This workhorse is built for high capacity use and produces a clean and precise cut in any turf field. Like our other industry-leading Trebro machines, the GearMaster 6800 will boost your efficiency and your bottom line.

  • LoadMac  - Forklift

    LoadMac - Forklift

    To streamline your productivity, Trebro is excited to introduce our new LoadMac Forklift. Like all Trebro equipment, the LoadMac offers superior maneuverability to handle pallets, and exceptional visibility and comfort for the operator. This durable machine will expedite the process of transporting and unloading pallets, which equates to higher profits for you and faster turnaround for your customers.