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  • Summer Flowers - Southwest Plants

    Summer Flowers - Southwest Plants

    Our native plants, like all the Mediterranean-climate-zone plants, tend to grow during the Winter rainy season, flower in the Spring, and then go into 'conservation mode' through the Summer and into early Fall. In nature they thrive in perfect sync with the native pollinators, the browsers, the nest builders, and the fruit and seedeaters. They form the basis for our native ecosystem. If yours is a purely native garden, you too are in sync with...

  • Windflower Seed Mixes

    Windflower Seed Mixes

    Tree of Life Nursery is proud to present our selection of nine specific seed mixes for use in California gardens.  The seeds and the blends and of the highest quality anywhere, thanks to our exclusive agreement with S&S Seeds. There are no exotic (non-native) species, no cheap fillers, and no so-called 'wildflowers' (in other inferior mixes these are usually species native to the American prairie states).  All species in all our mixes are California...