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  • Agapanthus


    Also known as the 'Lily of the Nile', (but it is not a lily), agapanthus is grown from bulb and is a genus of the Agapanthaceae family. Agapanthus are native to South Africa. Agapanthus is a seasonal summer flower and very much in vogue for wedding flowers these days.With its globe shape mass of trumpet like flowers, agapanthus is perfect for contempory floral design. In the wholesale flower markets agapanthus is sold in wraps of 10 stems and stem...

  • Abies Nobilis (Blue Spruce)

    Abies Nobilis (Blue Spruce)

    Abies Nobilis is a very seasonal Christmas foliage and is only available in November and Dececember. Blue Spruce is never seen on the wholesale flower markets in other months. Traditionally Blue Spruce is used for making Xmas flower arrangements, Spruce Rings, Xmas Garlands and decorating shop windows etc.