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  • AGRI-FLEX - Wide Belt Trailers

    AGRI-FLEX - Wide Belt Trailers

    Eagle Bridge AGRI-FLEX trailers were designed to work off road, in the fields or on rough rural roads.  We build them with high strength carbon steel not just to make them more rugged but more flexible.  The Eagle Bridge design allows our trailers to flex a full 36 degrees (18 degrees on each side) time after time for the life of the trailer with minimal cracking or breaking.  If any cracking does occur it is easily and inexpensively...

  • Trailer


    This just-right sized trailer is perfect for landscapers, farms, constructions sites — virtually anywhere that space is tight and the payload is big.  The street legal Li’l Eagle is so light you can pull it with a small tractor or a ¾-ton pick-up.  It uses a self-contained chain and flap conveyor system run by a small gas engine for fast, reliable unloading.  Li’l Eagle trailers are designed and built to the...

  • Stationary Bins

    Stationary Bins

    The stationary bins, manufactured by Trinity Trailer Mfg., have demonstrated their value as surge control bins for mixing or blending products, sorting product sizing and for short term storage of virtually any loose commodity.The design concept of the Trinity Stationary Bin incorporates the proven design of the “Eagle Bridge” conveyor floor trailer for its rugged performance and low maintenance reliability.  The bin offers easy...

  • Truck Beds

    Truck Beds

    Truck Beds have long been utilized in the potatoe and sugar beet industries. In addition some of our customers work in areas where it is just not practical to maneuver semi-trailers. Some of our customers are not required or requested to deliver full semi-trailer loads of product.  These customers don’t need a full sized trailer, they need a truck body. Trinity Trailer truck beds are light weight, fast unloading, and handle muddy, slippery...

  • High Capacity Trailer

    High Capacity Trailer

    Trinity Trailer Mfg., developed the “High Capacity” Eagle Bridge trailer for the customer who hauls lighter materials and needs a higher volume trailer. Our High Capacity Trailer incorporates the inherent toughness and flexibility of the lightweight steel bridge design and a tapered body with a lower suspension height that significantly increases hauling capacity.