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  • Model 300 - Hydraulic Chute

    Model 300 - Hydraulic Chute

    The model 300 hydraulic chute is a smaller model built to handle cattle up to 1,200 lbs. This type of model is ideal for feedlot, stocker operations and other calf handling.

  • Model 816 - Hydraulic Chute

    Model 816 - Hydraulic Chute

    The model 816 hydraulic chute is equipped for handling a wide range of livestock. Ideal for use by vets or for general livestock handling, the model 816 is the largest, most versatile chute available

  • Tubs Chute

    Tubs Chute

    The tubs and alleyways are made 3′ channel iron panels bolted back to back with 12 Ga. Sheet. All tub and alley systems are completely customizable according to customer needs.

  • Hydraulic Alleys Chute

    Hydraulic Alleys Chute

    Hydraulic alleys are also available and are custom built to order specifications. Side height: varies according to customer needs. Eescape doors: available on either side of the alleyway. Slide door: At the entrance of the alley. Can be made manual or hydraulic

  • Yoke  - Trailer

    Yoke - Trailer

    The Yoke Trailer is available to transport the chute to various work sites.