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  • Truax - Trillion Broadcast Seeder

    Truax - Trillion Broadcast Seeder

    This seeder plants turf grasses, wildflowers or forbs, native grasses, introduced grasses, legumes, and cover crops. The Trillion-Broadcast Seeder meets the challenge for shallow seed placement on a prepared seedbed by combining the Truax seed box design with Brillion cultipacker rollers. The Trillion and the Pull Broadcaster are the most forgiving planters for handling hand picked or combine run seed mixes in that neither have seed hoses or boots to...

  • Truax	 - Seed Slinger

    Truax - Seed Slinger

    The 'SEED SLINGER' is used for broadcasting fluffy, chaffy seed and small flowable seed on areas that are too small, too steep, or inaccessible for other types of seeding equipment.

  • Truax - Model U Series - Utility Drill

    Truax - Model U Series - Utility Drill

    The Truax alternative for seed delivery and placement when Drilling in close quarters such as in narrow ditch bottoms or around structural improvements.  Truax Utility Series Drills are a three-point hitch Drill with rear mounted drive wheel. Seed placement, whether in bare ground or interseeded into cover crops or sod, is one of the most challenging concerns when establishing grasses. Truax double disc openers and no-till attachments meet this...

  • Truax - On-The-Go (OTG) Drill

    Truax - On-The-Go (OTG) Drill

    Agriculture drills, both grain and grass, are designed to plant either as a no-till into residue or be configured to plant conventional, prepared seed beds. These drills are not versatile enough for today's farmers who demand more when faced with sites that need drills to change from one mode to another as conditions change. The Truax On-the-Go Drill adapts to your site conditions and even to seed bed variances within a field.