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  • Farm & Garden

  • Disc Plow

    Disc Plow

    The Disc Plow by Turf Pride is designed for 15-30hp tractors. Small but built rugged. Thick wall box tubing and disc supports. Heavy duty 20″ blades. Heavy duty hubs and bearings. Create a clean seed bed so plants can be cultivated for maximum crop yields. Clean up your garden.

  • Turf Pride - Wonder Plow

    Turf Pride - Wonder Plow

    The Wonder Plow will make gardening fun!! Use the Wonder Plow to lay rows off. Come back and plant with the optional Earth Way planter. Then when crops need to be cultivated, install the sweep assemblies and remove the weeds.

  • Tractor Attachments

    Tractor Attachments

    The Wonder Plow makes gardening fun and efficient. The Wonder Plow has a rugged frame, and is powered by a Honda engine.

  • Golf & Turf

  • Spray Hound Walking Boom Sprayer

    Spray Hound Walking Boom Sprayer

    A must have for professional turf managers. Equipped with eight nozzles, each fed individually to ensure equal volume and an even application. The sprayer’s all aluminum frame produces a light footprint and makes it the ideal choice for new or delicate turf surfaces. In addition, the stainless steel components will ensure durability and long life.