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  • Turnkey - Individual Animal Tracking and Reporting Software

    Turnkey - Individual Animal Tracking and Reporting Software

    The Cattle Induction System was developed as a means of “inducting” individual animals into the Turnkey Feedyard Management System. This is a touch screen application running at the processing chute, and can be tied to chute scale, and EID or Bar Code readers. Data collected by this application is shared with Turnkey’s Feedyard Management, Feed Management, and Health Management Systems creating a single “individual...

  • Individual Animal Management Software

    Individual Animal Management Software

    The Turnkey Individual Animal Management system incorporated into the Turnkey Feedyard Accounting and Management application consists of the following: Country of Origin tracking (COOL). Animal location maintenance by lot and pen or lot only. Individual animal scoring or grading information tracking. Access to animal records by EID, visual tag, producer tag, certifications tag, or other tags. Detailed reports and data exports on each animal....