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  • Tuthill - Model 2015 - Centipede Harvester

    Tuthill - Model 2015 - Centipede Harvester

    The new Tuthill Model 2015 Centipede Harvester can be used with a Tuthill Centipede Side Sweep and Tuthill Front Brushes to provide a one pass harvesting system that can cover over one and a half acres per hour. No need for extra passes down your orchard row and no need to blow fruit from between the tree trunks. The Tuthill range of products are compact, efficient and economical to buy and operate.

  • Model M2000 - Self-Propelled Cider Fruit Harvester

    Model M2000 - Self-Propelled Cider Fruit Harvester

    The M2000 is a versatile pedestrian controlled pedestrian harvester popular for use in both standard and bush orchards. It picks up and cleans apples and pears easily in short or long grass. It is able to work in most conditions and terrains. The machine has a Tuthill hedgehog belt for cleaning the fruit. The result is excellent fruit quality in all conditions. The machine picks up over a width of 800 mm (32”) and has an output of over 1...

  • Shuttler Tree Shaker

    Shuttler Tree Shaker

    The Shuttler is an economical tree shaker that is mounted on a tractor’s three point linkage. A wire rope fixed to a crankshaft on the shaker is attached to the tree to be shaken. Trees of all sizes can be shaken, from the largest standard tree to the youngest bush tree. The Shuttler’s compact size and high quality construction have made it the most popular wire rope tree shaker in Europe. The pivots and joints are made from...