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  • Standard Solutions

  • Steel Grain Bins

    Steel Grain Bins

    Our steel grain bins are delivered in sections for easy assembly. The roof is constructed in lightweight sections and installed with a reinforcement designed specifically to suit the Lithuanian climate and possible snowloads. Having experience in similar conditions in Denmark, Inter-Silo knows the importance of such reinforcement, and we strongly emphasize that this is yet another benefit of the product, which we supply for Lithuania compared to...

  • Mobile Dryers

    Mobile Dryers

    FULLY-AUTOMATIC PLUG-AND-PLAY. We offer the most advanced and user-friendly mobile dryer in the market with large drying capacity, up to 30% energy saving with heat recovery, fully-automatic moisture control and minimal installation and maintenance costs, just to mention some of the advantages.

  • Mobile Augers

    Mobile Augers

    We sell Westfield mobile augers for your specific purpose. Westfield augers are known for their reliability, quick assembly and larger capacity.

  • Industrial Solutions

  • Steel Grain Bins

    Steel Grain Bins

    Our steel grain bins are delivered in sections for easy assembly, and the roof is constructed in lightweight sections with profiled rafters. The bins are extremely strong and can be fitted with catwalks and conveyor systems. The Inter-Silo steel grain bin and its accessories provide the perfect grain storage with great value for money even for large-scale farms and industrial grain handlers.

  • Chain Conveyor

    Chain Conveyor

    Our chain conveyors are perfect for both horizontal and inclined conveying (up to 45 degrees) and they are available in a big variety of capacities up to 300 tons of grain per hour. The chain conveyors we provide can be your perfect solution for filling both flat storages as well as your new grain silo.

  • Bucket Elevators

    Bucket Elevators

    The bucket elevator transports the grain vertically to a suitable connection point where it can deliver to either a chain conveyor or a distribution tube. Access for inspection and maintenance is made easy by means of a service platform. Our bucket elevator has strong operational reliability and low power consumption, and  is therefore the natural choice to complete your industrial grain bin installation.