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  • Greenhouses

  • Ulma - Model G - Gothic Multispan Greenhouses

    Ulma - Model G - Gothic Multispan Greenhouses

    Structures designed for obtaining a large volume of air inside the greenhouse. The gothic form of the structure and the arch curvature make better use of solar radiation and also reduces the risk of dropping onto the crop, due to a better drainage of the condensation into the gutters.

  • Ulma - Model M - Circular Multispan Greenhouses

    Ulma - Model M - Circular Multispan Greenhouses

    The circular multispan greenhouse has a modular structure that is easy to assemble. Its versatility allows offering solutions adapted to the size of the terrain as well as creating wide open areas for the purpose of taking better advantage of the interior space and be able to work more comfortably.

  • Ulma - Model 8,50 and 9,50 - Tunnel Greenhouses

    Ulma - Model 8,50 and 9,50 - Tunnel Greenhouses

    Easy structure, resistant and robust that meets the basic covering needs at a low cost. The union of the spans with chromate steel crosses provide the structure with the necessary flexibility for guaranteeing it is resistance even in unfavourable weather conditions. Mainly used for low height crops, warehouse and livestock.

  • Greenhouse Equipment

  • ULMA - Greenhouse Screen

    ULMA - Greenhouse Screen

    It helps control the amount of light, humidity and temperature inside the facility, which turns to an improvement of the crop conditions and a reduction of the energy costs. The screen has a flexible and easily-folding structure that once folded takes up minimum space and allows entering the maximum amount of light. It may be automatically run by means of a solar radiation sensor.

  • Ulma - Greenhouse Hot Air Generators

    Ulma - Greenhouse Hot Air Generators

    The hot air generators are especially recommended in those cases where there is not an important requirement for continuous heating and as an occasional defence against freezing temperatures. The purpose of this system is to increase the productivity of the crops and their maturity in cold weather, using medium level technology. The distributionof hot air is carried out using fans and hoses.

  • Ulma - Centralised Greenhouse Heat Generation System

    Ulma - Centralised Greenhouse Heat Generation System

    This is a Centralised heat generation system using natural gas, diesel, biomass, geothermal heat. Water circulates through metal or PVC-Polyethylene pipes as a heat transporting agent, depending on the temperature of the hot water source, the temperature increase requirements and the crop. We offer a wide range of solutions in this area, from basic systems, to the most sophisticated systems with Open Buffer heat storage systems...

  • Ulma - Extractor Fan

    Ulma - Extractor Fan

    The extractor fans allow forcing the ventilation inside greenhouses when the natural ventilation using roof and/or perimeter vents, does not allow reaching the desired rate of air renewal, which is an innate need for producing crops as well as livestock farms. They are often used in combination with evaporative cooling panels or water misting systems for the purpose of obtaining a certain level of cooling.

  • Ulma - Greenhouse Air Circulation Fan

    Ulma - Greenhouse Air Circulation Fan

    The air circulation fans or recirculation fans help obtain a suitable air movement contributing to maintain a homogeneous interior climate, avoiding hot air accumulation at the upper section of the greenhouse, reducing substantially the degree of water condensation and favouring the crops’ transpiration and CO2 absorption. They may be used as support for the extractor fans or as humidifier systems or for applying...

  • Ulma - Water Evaporation Greenhouse Cooling System

    Ulma - Water Evaporation Greenhouse Cooling System

    This water evaporation cooling system is comprised of extractor fans and cooling panels installed on opposite walls of the greenhouse to create a negative pressure area inside the greenhouse. This forces the outside air flowing through the dampened panels becoming charged with water molecules and cooled down and thus decrease the temperature inside the greenhouse.

  • Ulma - Greenhouse Fertigation System

    Ulma - Greenhouse Fertigation System

    Fertigation consists of applying simultaneously water and fertilizers through the irrigation system, supplying the nutrients required by the crops to the soil or substrate. Fertigation is especially useful in the case of drip irrigation. By means of automatic high technology fertigation equipments the water and the nutrients are perfectly placed in the absorption area of the roots, improving the rate of growth and quality of the crops....

  • Ulma - Greenhouse Growing Benches

    Ulma - Greenhouse Growing Benches

    ULMA Agrícola growing benches may be fixed, mobile or transportable. Fix benches have a standard working height of 80cm. The transportable benches include multi-direction wheels with brakes. Mobile benches allow moving the bench platform sideways on the structure, which facilitates creating aisles to access the benches, thus optimising the surface used for the growing. Depending on the purpose for which the bench is used, any of...

  • Ulma - Fog System

    Ulma - Fog System

    Consists of incorporating a large number of micro-particles of water to the ambient air, which remain suspended in the air inside the greenhouse long enough to evaporate without wetting the crops. The water is added in the form of fog using special nozzles distributed uniformly all over the surface of the greenhouse. The Fog system is very useful for humidifying and cooling down the greenhouse in a controlled manner and carrying out...

  • Ulma - Double Inflatable Film Roof System

    Ulma - Double Inflatable Film Roof System

    The double inflated film system consists of creating an air chamber between two layers of plastic. The air chamber is kept inflated using small fans that inject air into the chamber via PVC and flexible pipes. This air chamber reduces the heat transmission coefficient towards the outside, achieving a considerable energy savings and temperature control. This system may be used on roofs as well as along the perimeter.

  • Ulma - Greenhouse Climate Control System

    Ulma - Greenhouse Climate Control System

    ULMA Agrícola offers a wide range of climate controllers for the automated management of all the systems that are installed in our greenhouses. The controllers are guided by the information collected by the different sensors installed, in order to maintain suitable levels of solar radiation, temperature, relative humidity and CO2 concentration for the crop; thus achieving the best evolution of the crops regarding their...