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  • Uniblock - Beef Booster

    Uniblock - Beef Booster

    The only beef bucket with 4 source of copper, vital for cattle grazing on reclaimed or high molybdenum soils. Also contains XP yeast, the yeast of choice on US beef farms. Costs just 9 cent/day.

  • Uniblock - Bo Peep

    Uniblock - Bo Peep

    A lamb creep in a lick that complements grass but doesn't replace it. Costs just 4-6 cent/lamb/day.

  • Uniblock - Calf to Beef

    Uniblock - Calf to Beef

    Looking after copper, zinc and all your cattle's other mineral requirements at grass. Costs just 8 cent/day.

  • Dynamite


    The only lick with 50% sugar, Dynamite increases forage intake and animal performance. Costs just 33 cent/day.

  • Extra High Energy

    Extra High Energy

    High sugar, protein and protected fat will reduce twin lamb and poor milk yield problems in ewes. Costs just 9 cent/ewe/day.

  • Garlic


    With Garlic oil to help reduce fly and tick problems in your stock. Costs just 3 cent/day.