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  • Field Machinery - Carrot Harvester

  • Univerco - Model G3 - Industrial Harvest Carrots

    Univerco - Model G3 - Industrial Harvest Carrots

    Characteristics of G3 Industrial Carrot Harvester; Full automatic control for fast and precise operation; The knife blades are made of alloy steel for greater durability; P.T.O. driven hydraulic pump for all operations; Very little annual maintenance; Several options available; Everything is controlled from the inside of the tractor; Recommended Tractor – Minimum 75 HP (4×4); P.T.O. – 540; Operation speed – from 3 to 10 km/h;...

  • Field Machinery

  • Univerco - Onion Harvester

    Univerco - Onion Harvester

    Pull-type model with a new topper bed. The quality of topping in green and dry tops is remarkable; The controls of the harvester are located inside the tractor, such as speed control of the elecator and the electric controls of the cylinders; The picker belt is 1 M (40 inches) wide and will drop the onions on a 16 roller table which is equippes with a spreader arm that increases the efficiency of the topper bed. In good field condition you will be...

  • Washing line and Conveyors

  • Univerco - Flat Conveyor

    Univerco - Flat Conveyor

    Engine gear box with one speed (very slow); Molded rubber mat; Stainless steel bearings; Teflon base (under the belt); Box capacity of 1 ¾; 6’ large, 24” deep x 10’ feet long; Conveyor 36” large x 12’ long.