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  • Engineered Wood Products

  • USNR - Handling Equipment

    USNR - Handling Equipment

    With expertise developed from designing and manufacturing lumber handling equipment, USNR has become a favorite among OSB producers for supplying handling equipment. We have the resources and experience to provide handling equipment that performs a variety of functions within your plant, from basic routing to more complicated stacking, unstacking, and feed systems.

  • Debarkers

  • Cambio Debarker

    Cambio Debarker

    USNR's compact Cambio Debarker is available in 18', 24', and 30' sizes.

  • Model MV-Type - Ring Debarker

    Model MV-Type - Ring Debarker

    The MV-Type Ring Debarker gives you fast and efficient bark removal with the best log control around. It is available in 18', 24', and 30' sizes.