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  • Dairy Products

  • Fresh Cow Program

    Fresh Cow Program

    The Van Beek Natural Science Fresh Cow Program delivers a high concentration of vitamins and minerals needed for reproductive health and to maintain the immune system. Direct fed microbials, enzymes, yeast, and electrolytes in the program are key to rumen health.  Bio-available calcium and magnesium act as a buffer so that nutrients are better utilized from feed. Vitamin B12 may help to promote optimum feed intake.

  • Feed Supplement for Dairy Cattle

    Feed Supplement for Dairy Cattle

    This supplement contains a blend of active dry yeast, active live yeast, direct-fed microbials, digestive enzymes (protease to hydrolyze protein, alpha-amylase to hydrolyze starch, and lipase to hydrolyze triglycerides), calcium propionate, minerals and vitamins to be used in an oral drench for post-partum dairy cows and dairy cows experiencing stressful conditions. Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms.

  • Calf Products

  • SureStart Calf Program

    SureStart Calf Program

    The Van Beek SureStart Calf Program provides the nutritional supplements necessary to maintain the calf's immune system during this crucial time. Each product plays an important role from providing vitamins and minerals to assisting with GI health. Keep your calves healthy by choosing the Van Beek Natural Science SureStart Calf Program

  • Beef Products

  • Feed Supplement for Beef and Dairy Cattle

    Feed Supplement for Beef and Dairy Cattle

    Pect-A-Guard Plus Capsules are a nutritional supplement for beef and dairy cattle formulated for maintaining the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. These capsules provide nutrients for individual cattle undergoing stress. Vitamins and minerals provide energy and maintain immune system.

  • Feed Supplement for Beef and Dairy Cattle

    Feed Supplement for Beef and Dairy Cattle

    This supplement contains high levels of vitamins to support nutritional levels in cows which may help with reproduction performance and to maintain immune system. Should be used during breeding, transition, and before & during calving.