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  • Centre pivots and linears (Pierce)

    Centre pivots and linears (Pierce)

    We are Tasmanian dealers for quality Pierce centre pivots, linears and micro pivots. Pierce is a premium irrigation machine manufacturer based in the United State of America, with many construction features and benefits lacking in other competitive machines.

  • Hardhose irrigators (IRTEC)

    Hardhose irrigators (IRTEC)

    Irtec hard hose irrigators are a heavy duty and field proven quality hard hose irrigator. Irtec are one of Italy’s biggest manufactures of mechanised irrigation equipment. At the heart of the machine is a very efficient turbine system made of special aluminium alloy developed in order to obtain optimal performances even at very low pressures and flow rates. We import all configurations of Irtec machines built to our customers requirements from 40mm x...