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  • Vandenberg - Side Exit Stalls

    Vandenberg - Side Exit Stalls

    Our SUPER FAST - SIDE EXIT milking stall was developed around the basic original herringbone milking. The six (6) inch square stainless steel column serves as the basic structural component. The feed conveyor rests on top of this column and the column and the serves as the down spout for the feed system, delivering the feed into the bowl. The ”SIDE EXIT” gate is also hinged form the same column. Other basic components of the original...

  • Vandenberg - Sprinklers Heads

    Vandenberg - Sprinklers Heads

    Sprinkler Heads are made by Weather Tec, California's leading manufacturer of sprinklers. They are all brass construction, stainless steel springs and special seal washers. These sprinklers will function under the most severe conditions. Double Jet Sprinkler available in 7/12 degree 12/18 degree.

  • Vandenberg - Sprinkler Guards

    Vandenberg - Sprinkler Guards

    These guards are constructed of all steel components. The dome top is made of 12 gauge steel with rounded edges to prevent injury to cows. The dome is supported by 1/2” diameter legs the are joined to the 1-1/4” pipe coupling. The components are completely welded for lasting service and durability under normal wash pen abuse.

  • Vandenberg - Brisket Bars

    Vandenberg - Brisket Bars

    Vandenberg Step Over Brisket Bar designed for30”, 36”, 38” and 45” on center. Side Milking Herringbone Barn Equipment. Heavy-Duty Super-Fast Side-Exit Herringbone Stalls. Brisket Bar Available with Side-angle Herringbone Stalls. Radial Arm Milk Hose Supports. Automated Entrance & ExitGates. Wash Pen Sprinklers & Guards. Wash Pen Timers. Crowd Gates.

  • Vandenberg - Crowd Gate

    Vandenberg - Crowd Gate

    The air operated crowd gate is made of rectangular steel tube construction, fully galvanized. This rugged but gentle operating drive air motor gently moves the cows without injury or undue commotion. Complete control at any position of the wash pen allows forward or reverse travel and up and down of the gate. Gate elevation is over seven feet high.

  • Vandenberg - Single Flipper Self-Locking Stanchions

    Vandenberg - Single Flipper Self-Locking Stanchions

    Vandenberg Stanchions Offer These Features: For Cows: 4 holes in 9 feet; 4 holes in 10 feet; 5 holes in 10 feet. For Calves: 6 holes, self-lockers; 7 holes, self-lockers. For Heifers: 6 holes in 10 feet. 12-Ft. Panels:available by special order.