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  • Leek Treatment

  • Vanhoucke - Disk leek harvester

    Vanhoucke - Disk leek harvester

    Higher harvesting speed than the standard leek harvester. This is possible because the disk places the leek nicely on the picking table. The operator receives the leek in packets. Every disk equipped harvester has a longer harvest conveyor, so there is room for more instruments. The corner between conveyor and soil is reduced with the long conveyor, and that avoids leek damage.

  • Vanhoucke - Standard Leek Harvester

    Vanhoucke - Standard Leek Harvester

    This harvester is designed for family businesses who are looking for a robust machine with a long operating lifetime. The machine has it’s own hydraulic circuit, only the cylinders to control the height need oil from the tractor. The large shaking device, conveyor and picking table are steplesly variable in speed. All cylinders are controlled by a cobra switch. The harvester is equipped with the necessary lights to travel on the road.

  • Vanhoucke - Automatic Leek Harvester

    Vanhoucke - Automatic Leek Harvester

    A steel knife that goes underneath the leek, to break open the ground and to release the roots of the leek. The knife is adjustable in height by a spindle or optional by hydraulic engine.A small shaking device at the front of the machine (to clean out the ground in between the roots). This shaking device has a horizontal axis movement; therefore the machine has great ground removing capacity.A great shaking device underneath the clip bindings....

  • Cabbage Treatment

  • Vanhoucke - Cabbage Harvester

    Vanhoucke - Cabbage Harvester

    The cabbage harvester is suitable for different types of cabbage, like red cabbage, white cabbage and green cabbage. There are two different harvesters, one for industrial treated cabbage and one for fresh market cabbage. The harvesting principle is the same for both harvesters.The cabbages are lifted upwards by two propelled torpedos. These torpedos take the cabbages to the front of the clip bindings. All leafs are folded over the cabbage to protect...

  • Turnip Celery Treatment

  • Vanhoucke - Turnip Celery Cleaner

    Vanhoucke - Turnip Celery Cleaner

    Construction: galvanised cover: stainless steel.Engine: 1.5 kw.3 brushes of 1 meter length with nylon core.Adjustable for big and little turnips.Waterconsumption: ca. 1,500 liter an hour.Capacity: ca. 1,800 – 2,000 turnips an hour.Central greasepoint .Cimensions: length 2 meter; hight: 1.6 meter; width: 0.80 meter