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  • Flat Trailers

    Flat Trailers

    Vegcraft flat trailers are custom built to your requirements from a strong initial design. They have up to 20 tonne capacity and can up to 38 feet long. Standard to all our flat trailers are a tough 250x150 box-section chassis, 80x40 or 100x50 bearers at 400mm centres supporting a 4mm fully welded steel floor, and 120x60 box section chime which can be flush or raised. Running gear consists of tandem-sprung round commercial axles with a choice of...

  • Curtain Sided Trailers

    Curtain Sided Trailers

    Vegcraft make a wide variety of curtain-sided trailers, from small harvest trailers to high-speed trailers for handling large volumes of product and road transport. We build trailers to suit your needs, wih a choice of capacities up to 20 pallets. All Vegcraft curtain-siders have a strong box-section chassis and channel uprights. There are may different options for axles, suspension, braking and drawbar. All trailers have a fully welded steel floor,...

  • Tipper Trailers

    Tipper Trailers

    The Vegcraft multi-purpose tipping trailer is built to a high standard, its tough construction making it a good choice for any load from grain to gravel. The monocoque body is made from Domex wear resistant steel making it strong but light. It is fully seam-welded to cope with rough environments like quarry work, carting dung and muck shifting.

  • Low Loader Trailers

    Low Loader Trailers

     Vegcraft agricultural low loaders are built with farmers in mind. Excellent durability and versatility make one of our low loaders useful for all manner of loads.

  • Vegetable Harvesting Booms

    Vegetable Harvesting Booms

    Vegcraft specialises in front tractor-mounted booms for harvesting a wide variety of vegetable crops from lettuce and cabbage to fresh herbs and broccoli. We custom design and build each machine, allowing us to fulfil your harvesting needs. The basis of our machines is a strong galvanized steel platform with an aluminium and PVC canopy. All areas of product contact use stainless steel and all other parts are aluminium and galvanised steel.

  • Harvest Workstations Trailers

    Harvest Workstations Trailers

    Vegcraft has a great deal of experience in building harvest workstations for many differnt kinds of vegetable crops such as lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and many others. The starting point for a Vegcraft workstation is a main trailer platform with hydraulic-operated folding floor and roof sections, providing a PVC canvas-enclosed work area. A hydraulic extending drawbar and tandem-sprung axles with oil braking are fitted as standard.

  • Net/Fleece/Poly Winders Trailers

    Net/Fleece/Poly Winders Trailers

    Vegcraft supply a number of handling solutions for various crop covers such as polythene, fleece and insect netting. The Vegcraft crop cover winder/un-winder is used to remove cover from crops at the appropriate time, storing it on 2.5 or 3m metal cores. The same machine can then re-lay the cover next season. Carefully wound and stored the covers can be used for several seasons.

  • Lay Flat Hose Winder

    Lay Flat Hose Winder

    The Vegcraft lay-flat hose winder is an excellent way to lay out and reel in ether 4' or 5' lay-flat hose. As with all Vegcraft machines the lay-flat winder is built to a high standard, its tough construction ensuring it will stand up to the rigours of a farm environment. The reel can have either 4, 5 or 6 sections each with a capacity of 200 metres of hose.

  • Demountable Cup Harvesters

    Demountable Cup Harvesters

    Vegcraft Cup Harvesters have been developed for products with high cutter to packer ratios such as cauliflower. The harvester is designed for front-mounting, and can be hitched in minutes. This makes it ideal for farms that switch between different vegetables, or between fresh and processing produce. There is ample space inside to allow two packers, and they can have several boxes available at the same time if different grades are being packed...