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  • Breeders - Housing Solutions

  • Vencomatic - Model Classic - Nest

    Vencomatic - Model Classic - Nest

    Vencomatics Classic Nest has successfully proven itself over the years. It is a robust nest that requires low maintenance through the use of durable materials. Because the nest is available in several configurations (center or sidebelt, 1 or 2 tiers, single or double), any farm layout can be equipped with the Classic Nest.  

  • Vencomatic - Veranda Breeder

    Vencomatic - Veranda Breeder

    The Veranda Breeder is a group housing nest system, especially designed for breeders. The system offers birds an optimal environment for maximum performance, ultimately providing an efficient production of high quality hatching eggs. The Veranda Breeder is the ultimate tool for breeder managers to manage their birds. Male and female birds are kept in groups together on a comfortable slat, accommodating natural fertility. Because the manure is...

  • Vencomatic - Feeding Systems

    Vencomatic - Feeding Systems

    Simultaneous feeding in equal portions is the major benefit of the Vencopan Breeder. All birds get access to feed at the same time, strongly reducing stress in the flock during feeding time. Feed is first distributed to a buffer in the top of each pan. When all buffers are filled, the system opens and delivers the feed to the birds. The coin chain system prevents demixing of feed and the distribution of small portions keeps birds...

  • Vencomatic - Duck Nest

    Vencomatic - Duck Nest

    Vencomatic was the first to enter the market with an automatic nest for ducks. The Duck Nest is designed for the unique needs of water fowl, while still implementing the proven innovations of our poultry nests. The moveable back wall is used to automatically expel birds from the nest after laying, preventing broodiness in the birds. The eggs gently roll onto the central egg belt ensuring the quality of the eggs.

  • Layers - Egg Handling Solutions

  • Prinzen - Model PSPC 30 - Farm Egg Packers

    Prinzen - Model PSPC 30 - Farm Egg Packers

    The Ovopack offers semi-automatic packing. Manual labour is therefore reduced while safeguarding the quality of the eggs. The machine positions the eggs points down. Then a vacuum egg transfer unit places the eggs on a paper or plastic 30 cell tray.

  • Speedpack - Model 110 - Automatic Egg Packer

    Speedpack - Model 110 - Automatic Egg Packer

    The Speedpack 110 automatic egg packer handles and packs eggs quickly yet carefully on 30 cell trays. As expected from it's name, this table egg packer is named after it's speed: 40,000 eggs per hour. Due to the compact design of the machine, you will especially appreciate the complete overview of the entire egg packing process. It allows you to spend more time on checking the quality of the eggs.

  • Broilers - Climate solutions

  • Louvre System

    Louvre System

    The Louvre system is part of the Clima⁺ 200 design. The preheated air from the heat exchanger is brought directly into the broiler house through a Louvre box. This warm air is projected towards the roof, where it is caught in the catchment sheet. From here the circulation fans spread the air throughout the house. This ensures an even temperature and uniform climate throughout the entire house.

  • Vencomatic - Model Clima⁺ 200 - Fully Control the Climate

    Vencomatic - Model Clima⁺ 200 - Fully Control the Climate

    The Clima⁺ 200 design allows you to fully control the climate in your breeder house in all weather conditions with an optimal use of energy. For this design we use the Clima⁺ 200 heat exchanger to heat up fresh air from outside with warm air taken from inside the house. Along with the heat exchanger’s high thermal efficiency of up to 80%, the use of the preheated air is further optimized by its distribution via the Louvre system....

  • Breeders - Egg Handling Solutions

    With over 30 years of experience, Prinzen is the market leader in hatching egg setters. Every day over 30 million hatching eggs are carefully handled and set by Prinzen machines worldwide. Our unsurpassed points down setting rate of 99.7% maximizes the hatchability of your eggs. Throughout the whole process, from egg belt to setter tray, the eggs are treated with gr

  • Ovoset - Model Pro - Egg Handling System

    Ovoset - Model Pro - Egg Handling System

    Ovoset Pro is the perfect solution for accurate and gentle setting of hatching eggs directly onto setter trays. The setter trays are automatically handled and positioned for egg transfer and setting. Ovoset Pro has a capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour, setter tray type depending. Hatching eggs are positioned point down and gently placed onto a setter tray with Prinzens egg transfer system. The stainless steel construction and durable materials make the...

  • Prinzen - Trolley Loader

    Prinzen - Trolley Loader

    The Trolley Loader completes the automatic egg packing process. It substitutes the heavy and repetitive manual placing of setter trays into trolleys. Thereby it enables you to increase productivity and save you time while guaranteeing a careful handling of the setter trays. The capacity of the Trolley Loader can easily handle the flow of eggs from the Prinzen egg setting machines. The compact design requires a...