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  • Solution Grade Gypsum

    Solution Grade Gypsum

    Our supplier of Gypsums are Diamond K, United States Gypsum Company, and Western Mining and Minerals. The same gypsum is also ground to a much finer grind and marketed in 50 pound bags and 2,400 pound tote bags, which are handled with fork lifts. This grind of gypsum is so fine that when dissolved in irrigation water, the gypsum can be applied through drip irrigation systems. 95 percent of the gypsum will pass through a 325 mesh screen. Growers are...

  • Spreadable Gypsum

    Spreadable Gypsum

    Improves water penetration and retention: Gypsum supplies soluble calcium to soil and water, which loosens 'tight' clay soils, reduces surface crusting and soil sealing. Water and air can then freely infiltrate the soil for healthier root development and better nutrient uptake. Gypsum allows more efficient use of water by reducing run-off and evaporative losses.