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  • Model PR 3005  - Aqua Pam

    Model PR 3005 - Aqua Pam

    Aqua-Pam is a strong water retention aid that increases the available water content of soils to help improve plant growth and increase efficiencies of irrigation. A proprietary formulation of copolymers and polyacrylic acids, Aqua-Pam also helps reduce erosion, prevent crust formation and improve general stabilization.

  • Model FD - Bloomtime

    Model FD - Bloomtime

    Bloomtime® is a naturally occurring bacterial antagonist that suppresses fire blight in apples and pears. It works well in resistance management programs to aid in fighting fire blight. Bloomtime can be used on conventional and organic acres and does not impact pollinators such as honey bees. Plus, it has an excellent worker safety profile and no pre-harvest interval.

  • Poly Amines

    Poly Amines

    PolyAmine™ products are amino acid chelated micronutrients designed to prevent or correct trace element deficiencies at all stages of plant growth. They efficiently chelate complex nutrients and keep them in optimal form until used by the plant. PolyAmine chelates have high binding constants which permit micronutrients such as iron, copper, zinc, magnesium, manganese, boron and calcium to be mixed with the macronutrients nitrogen,...