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  • Leek Plant Machines

  • Verhoest - Manual Leek Harvester

    Verhoest - Manual Leek Harvester

    The harvester is evolving spectacularly. Quality improvement and service remain the trump card of Verhoest. In this way we aim for a bearable and pleasant country live.

  • Verhoest - Automatic Tray Filler

    Verhoest - Automatic Tray Filler

    The leek harvester for fresh market can be equiped with an automatic tray filler. It can work completely autonomous without any extra person.

  • Verhoest - Tracked Harvester

    Verhoest - Tracked Harvester

    This machine for industry makes it possible to harvest in all weathers. We construct this harvester according to the wishes of the farmer.

  • Other Products

  • Verhoest - Leek Plant Machine

    Verhoest - Leek Plant Machine

    The patented leek plant machine provides an undamaged, straight leek stalk. The 2 row version only needs 40 h.p., the 4 row version needs 65 h.p.

  • Verhoest - Cauliflower Machine

    Verhoest - Cauliflower Machine

    The Verhoest cauliflower machine is commended for its solidity and efficiency. According to a comparative study by the West Flemish Test Center for Agriculture, this machine obtained the best results for cutting with minimal loss of weight.

  • Verhoest - Harvester Wagon

    Verhoest - Harvester Wagon

    Verhoest constructs different types of harvester wagons: carried on the tractor, as separate wagon (possibly with tarpaulin) or mobile on a wagon , for different kinds of vegetables:  lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, endive.

  • Verhoest - Gritter

    Verhoest - Gritter

    In 5 to 10 min a large poultry-house of 2200m2 is scattered with shavings (or flax loams, chopped straw).