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  • Sprayers

  • LIPCO - Vineyard Sprayers

    LIPCO - Vineyard Sprayers

    Lipco recycle sprayers catch spray material that doesn't deposit on target and recirculates it back into system.

  • Vine Tech - Vineyard Weed Boom Sprayer

    Vine Tech - Vineyard Weed Boom Sprayer

    Vine Tech's weed boom is capable to apply two different spray applications with one pass.  An optional photo eye is mounted to only spray when trucks pass in front of photo eye.  Resulting in cost savings. It has hydraulic width adjustment and optional hydraulic height adjustment.  Wind covers are on a spring loaded break-away system to greatly reduce any damage to sprayer and vineyard.

  • Andros - Harvester

    Andros - Harvester

    Large view platform. High impact picking rods. Automatic belt sensing kit. Custom built picking head. Extended length collector system. Retractable picking head in picking tunnel. High volume fan cleaning system. High grade rubber conveying system with juice retention. Clean pick at higher ground speeds.

Products by SAME DEUTZ-FAHR - SDF Group

  • Combine Harvesters

  • Model 60 Series - Combine Harvesters

    Model 60 Series - Combine Harvesters

    The remarkable new 60 Series is the product of DEUTZ-FAHR's many years of experience in harvesting and its ongoing commitment to developing new technologies, innovative processes and state of the art machinery. The 6060/6060HTS/6065HTS five straw walker models and 6090/6090HTS/6095HTS six straw walker models set new benchmarks for performance for the combined harvester segment. Unparalleled harvesting performance with superior cleanliness of the...

  • Model C9000 Series - Combine Harvesters

    Model C9000 Series - Combine Harvesters

    Embodying DEUTZ-FAHR's many years of experience in harvesting and its ongoing commitment to developing new technologies, processes and machinery, the C9000 Series consists of four models: C9205 TS, C9205 TS B, C9206 TS and C9206 TS B. These machines combine outstanding productivity with extraordinary versatility (for large area applications), an elegant design and incredible functionality, for unparalleled harvesting performance with all types of...

  • Telescopic Handlers

  • Agrovector - Telescopic Handlers

    Agrovector - Telescopic Handlers

    Two all-new models join the DEUTZ-FAHR series of state of the art telehandlers. This brings the total number of models now available up to five: Agrovector 29.6, Agrovector 29.6LP, Agrovector 35.7 and the brand new Agrovector 37.6 and Agrovector 37.7. Boasting generous ground clearance, a low centre of gravity and four wheel drive, this series offers unbeatable advantages when working in challenging terrain conditions and for particularly complex...

  • Forage Harvesting

  • Triple Disc Mower

    Triple Disc Mower

    A solution by DEUTZ-FAHR to maximise productivity and minimise power consumption for lower running costs. The DiscMaster 390 requires just 120 HP to cut a swath 8.7 m wide. The wedge-shaped, low profile cutter bar is fitted with triangular three-blade discs. The clear space at the front of the cutter bar means that it can ride easily over obstacles and uneven terrain. The low profile cutter bar comfortably reaches right under the grass, preventing...

  • Bale Wagons

    Bale Wagons

    After carefully mowing, tedding and raking your silage it needs to be secured for storage. To prevent loss of nutritional value the bale needs to be sealed as soon as possible. We create a true one-man operation with our bale-and-wrap combination range. At DEUTZ-FAHR we believe in providing efficient, yet easy to use machine techniques that will give a boost to the profitability of your company. Perfectly shaped, consistent round bales are the...

  • Loader Wagons

    Loader Wagons

    A complete range with high load capacities from DEUTZ-FAHR. The range covers load volumes of 22 to 78m³ and meets the highest requirements in terms of power, cutting quality and performance. Being particularly good value for money it is a commercially attractive solution for all grassland farmers.

  • Disc Mowers

    Disc Mowers

    DEUTZ-FAHR mowers are now sturdier than ever. With a choice of three-point or central frames, a reinforced cutter bar and a V-belt transmission system, these mowers are designed and built for extensive, heavy-duty use.

  • Rotary Rakes

    Rotary Rakes

    DEUTZ-FAHR offers a complete range of rotary rakes, catering for everything from the small farm to medium to large businesses. Built with an extraordinarily stable and lightweight construction, DEUTZ-FAHR rotary rakes may be used to gather coarse forage with excellent results even with a small tractor. A choice of semi-mounted, mounted or towed versions is offered to respond to different needs.

  • Precision Farming

  • Advanced Farming Intelligence Systems

    Advanced Farming Intelligence Systems

    Precision Farming is already well established on many farms andin many contracting firms. Professionals know that through the management of subareas and the synchronisation of all the operations, efficiency can be substantially increased. Customers are increasingly looking to conserve resource and work processes. Precision Farming systems also help to fulfill these requirements. DEUTZ-FAHR is a leader in equipping tractor and combine harvester fleets...

Products by TeeJet Technologies

  • Spray Products - Broadcast Spray Nozzles

  • Machine Monitoring Products

  • TeeJet - Grain Loss Monitors

    TeeJet - Grain Loss Monitors

    Using optimized sensors developed with 25 years of grain loss experience, almost any combine harvester can be fitted with a grain loss system. The sieve sensor measures the amount of grain lost from the sieves, thus indicating that adjusments need to be made to the fan speed or to the overall throughput of the machine. For example, the straw walker sensors measure the loss from the straw walkers (the bottleneck of combine throughput) and indicate that...

  • Field Computers

  • TeeJet - Model Aeros 9040 - Field Computers

    TeeJet - Model Aeros 9040 - Field Computers

    With the perfect combination of innovative new technology and tried and true subsystems, the Aeros 9040 offers the capabilities you need to get the most of your precision farming investment. Aeros is a complete field computer that offers precision guidance, auto-steering, application rate control, mapping, variable rate application, Automatic Boom Section Control (ABSC) and even wireless data transfer.

Products by American Grape Harvesters, Inc.

  • Spectrum - Grape Harvester

    Spectrum - Grape Harvester

    Spectrum is the workhorse of vineyards in California, Michigan, Washington and Chile. The Spectrum's rocking beam front end, 12 inch leveling capacity, 4 cylinder Cummins diesel power pack and attractive entry level pricing make it a practical option for all vineyards.

  • Spectrum  - Extra-Wide Grape Harvester

    Spectrum - Extra-Wide Grape Harvester

    Spectrum Extra-Wide is designed to harvest the new 52', 60' and 73' DOV raisin trellises. These very wide yield trellis systems can yeild 6 tons of raisin per acre.

  • Quantum  - Grape Harvester

    Quantum - Grape Harvester

    The Quantum Grape Harvester is the preferred harvesting tool on many California grape growers and custom grape harvester operators. Although it can be equipped with any picking mechanism, the trunk shaking Mantis is preferred. With its rated 36 inch side to side leveling capacity and 6 cylinder Cummins power plant it can operate in nearly any vineyard with 8 foot wide rows.

  • Stratum - Tow Harvester

    Stratum - Tow Harvester

    Stratum was introduced in the 2004 harvest season. As a result of the experience gained during that harvest, numerous improvements were made bringing this tow on par with other more expensive foreign tow harvesters.

  • Sidewinder Picking Mechanism

    Sidewinder Picking Mechanism

    Simplicity is the key to Sidewinder's success. It has the fewest number of parts of any picking mechanism used in American viticulture. Sidewinder fits into any UpRight, AGH or Chisholm Ryder grape harvester. It can be equipped with our standard Bo-Rods, Full Contact Rods or Quad Rods as needed.Sidewinder is mostly used on vertical trellises but can be used with crossarms as wide as 36 inches.

  • Tilt-up Picking Mechanism

    Tilt-up Picking Mechanism

    Tilt-up can be used on vertical or divided canopy trellises. By installing larger 'H' frames Tilt-up can tackle trellises up to 52, 60 and 72 inches. For easier adjustment it can be equipped with a compressed air driven width adjustment package. The tilt angle is adjustable up to 45 degrees.Tilt-up can be equipped with our standard Bo-Rod, Full Contact Rod or Quad Rods.

  • Demogers


    Demoger is a star wheel type sorting device that removes MOG (material- than-grapes) from the picked grape before they are deposited in the gondola. Demoger is designed to replace the manual gleaner required on Concord and Niagara harvesters. Some winemakers also require the device to remove unwanted material in the picked mass.Demogers should only be used in harvesters equipped with magnets so smaller metalic objects are kept from the wine...

  • Super Gondolas

    Super Gondolas

    9 Foot Plus Row Width. 211 Cubic Feet Capacity (6 tons).

  • Picking Rods

    Picking Rods

    AGH is the largest supplier of Bo-Rods for mechanized grape harvesting in the Western Hemisphere. Our DURAFLEX nylon rods deliver superior long lasting performance while maintaining their shape and flexibility. They pick better and last longer than any competitive Bo-Rod. In addition to all of the standard rods listed below AGH will custom make a Bo-Rod to suit your exact vineyard and trellis requirements.

  • Mantis  - Picking Mechanism

    Mantis - Picking Mechanism

    Mantis is the leading trunk shaker picking mechanism in the industry. It is unmatched in its speed and effectiveness. The Mantis is designed to be used on cordon pruned vines especially quadrilateral trellis systems. The rails automatically adjust to the width of the vine trunk exerting a continuous force on the vine for smooth, fast, effective harvesting. Full contact rods can be added to the 'C' arms for harder to pick varieties. The Mantis'...

Products by Edwards Equipment Company

  • Attachments

  • Model DH8300 - Front Mount 3-Point Hitch

    Model DH8300 - Front Mount 3-Point Hitch

    The new Edwards front mount 3-point hitch enables you to mount many of your 3-point implements on the front of your tractor. Front mounting offers several advantages including the use of front and rear implements at the same time. That reduces the number of passes over the same ground plus it saves fuel and reduces man and tractor hours. The front mount 3-point hitch mounts easily and quickly to the tractor and works with many 3-point implements.

  • Model BS8310  - Brush Spider

    Model BS8310 - Brush Spider

    The Model BS8310 Brush Spider is an ideal companion implement for the Edwards Front 3-Point Hitch. The Brush Spider is designed for sweeping leaves, pruning's and other debris from the tree row. The unit combines with weed sprayers, shredders and tillage tools for efficient single pass operation. When used with a mid-mounted spray boom, the clean sweeping allows herbicides to be sprayed directly on the soil. Sweeping around trees also helps eliminate...

  • Model BS8320 - Brush Spider

    Model BS8320 - Brush Spider

    The Model BS8320 Edwards Double Brush Spider now enables you to clean around vines and between vines in vineyards without extra tractor trips or hand raking. The Brush Spider sweeps prunings, leaves, and other debris away from rows and into the path of your mower, shredder or rotary tiller. It is built with durable polyurethane sweeping fingers to provide long life with action that is gentle on vines and posts. The unit attaches easily and quickly to...

  • Model TPB500 - Brush Rake

    Model TPB500 - Brush Rake

    The EDWARDS BRUSH RAKE is made to push brush and debris from the field and features a floating design that allows the heavy duty teeth to follow the contour of the ground without digging in.  It can be mounted to a loader, forklift or the three point hitch.  If you have a problem with brush removal, here is a rugged heavy duty brush rake you may be interested in. This rugged heavy duty Brush Rake is made with high...

  • Mowing Equipment

  • Model HM7400  - Highway Mower

    Model HM7400 - Highway Mower

    Here is the ideal side mount mower for the highway right of way mowing and other tough mowing jobs. The Edwards HM7400 Series Highway Mower is designed to adapt to a wide variety of agricultural and industrial tractors. Mounting permits complete flexibility for shoulder and median mowing. The direct coupled hydraulic drive provides shock absorbing power transmission with overload protection. A mechanical safety control device shuts off and prevents...

  • Model FM7400 Series - Flail Mower

    Model FM7400 Series - Flail Mower

    Available in 5, 6, 7, and 8 foot cutting widths. Built heavy duty for the toughest jobs. Knives mounted individually for easy replacement or sharpening. Large diameter roller adjusts to carry mower and desired mowing. height. Industrial double edged knives. Power band drive gives maximum drive and absorbs shocks. Fail safety - full length drape. Convertible center or offset drive. An ideal companion for the Edwards Highway Mower.

  • DYNA TRIM - Model DT5420  - Hydraulic Driven Mid Mounted Low Profile Mower

    DYNA TRIM - Model DT5420 - Hydraulic Driven Mid Mounted Low Profile Mower

    The Edwards Model DT5420 Dyna Trim is a hydraulic driven, mid mounted, low profile mower designed for trimming around trees, posts, sprinkler risers, or other obstacles. The mid mount position permits combining the Dyna Trim with any three point mounted or trailing mower of sufficient width to overlap the mowed area of the Dyna Trim. The 31 inch blade cuts 2 inches inside the outer protective tire. The Dyna Trim moves around obstacles either by...

  • Forklifts

  • Model TP6400 - 3-Point Trans-Porter Forklifts

    Model TP6400 - 3-Point Trans-Porter Forklifts

    The EDWARDS 3-POINT TRANS-PORTER fastens to the three point lift of most tractors.  The    trans-porter    is a low cost carrying device designed to lift and carry bulk bins, feed, baled hay almost anything including other implements.  Available for either category 1 or 2.  Choose from 7 different models from 1500 to 3500 pound capacitys.

  • - Model LF800 AND LF 1500  - Loader Forks

    - Model LF800 AND LF 1500 - Loader Forks

    The EDWARDS LOADER FORKS converts a bucket loader to an efficient front end fork lift.  A unit is available for most popular loader models.   6 different models to choose from 800 to 3500 pound capacitys, fixed or adjustable forks.  Edwards has the loader fork for your application.  Side shift is available on the 2500 and 3500 pound models. FIXED FORK POSITION FOR MAXIMUM ECONOMY Economically priced, the Loader Fork...

  • Model TP83QG - Front Mount Trans-Porter Forklifts

    Model TP83QG - Front Mount Trans-Porter Forklifts

    The Front Mount Trans-Porter is constructed of the same high quality materials as the rear mount. It can be used in conjunction with the rear mount Trans-Porter to carry a total tractor load of two bins... or to take the place of a dead weight counterbalance to make a more profitable pay load for a rear mount Edwards Trans-Fork. The EDWARDS FRONT 3-POINT HITCH combined with the Edwards 3-Point Trans-Porter.  Install a Trans-Porter to the...

Products by Pellenc SA

  • Vine Growing

  • Multifunction Optimum Carrier

    Multifunction Optimum Carrier

    Unrivalled work quality. Performance, comfort and ease of handling. In the mid 1990s, we were looking for solutions to optimise the amortisation of our harvesting machines, and in 1996 we bought our first PELLENC multifunction carrier. We were so satisfactied that we now own 35 PELLENC carriers, each of which do pre-pruning, spreading, leaf stripping, spraying and harvesting work. Our carriers accomplish 800 h of work per year on average, our...

  • Multifunction Front Arm and Weight Holder Carriers

    Multifunction Front Arm and Weight Holder Carriers

    A single connection point for the hydraulic push-pulls and electrical outlets at shoulder height (same as with the MULTIVITI chassis). Automatic recognition of coupled tools. Automatic reallocation of commands on the joystick and the EASY TOUCH Multifunction console for the tools connected.

  • Multifunction Tool carrier

    Multifunction Tool carrier

    Adjustment of the position of the tools for automatic row entry. Automatic centring of the tools in the rows (sensors). Automation: ground tracking, slope correction and centring at the end of the row.

  • Harvesting

  • OPTIMUM - Self Propelled Harvesters

    OPTIMUM - Self Propelled Harvesters

    With the advent of the OPTIMUM range, PELLENC puts innovation at the service of excellence and performance, for a new approach to viticulture reconciling crop quality, respect for the environment, profitability, and ease of use. As such, each grower will find in the OPTIMUM range of harvesting machines and the multifunction carrier the equipment adapted to their needs as well as the specificities of its vineyard and its exploitation.

  • Model 8000 series  - Towed Harvester

    Model 8000 series - Towed Harvester

    The Towed 8000 incorporates the latest Pellenc innovations: shaking, conveying, sorting, and steering. It offers harvesting quality equivalent to a self-propelled machine with outstanding driving comfort.

  • Model 8030 & 8035  - Towed Harvester

    Model 8030 & 8035 - Towed Harvester

    The Towed 8030 is very competitive and focuses on the essentials: “Efficient harvesting” with all the technology necessary for a quality result.

  • Model 8090  - Towed Harvester

    Model 8090 - Towed Harvester

    With a cleanliness rate of 99.82% in the bin, the harvest can go straight into the vat. Principle proven by over 1500 users.

  • Fruit Growing

  • Treelion  - Pole Tree Pruning Shears

    Treelion - Pole Tree Pruning Shears

    The TREELION range of pruning shears have been designed for professionals looking for power, a large cutting diameter, and productivity, all with outstanding work quality.

  • Prunion  - Tree Pruning Shears

    Prunion - Tree Pruning Shears

    The PRUNION pruning shear is ideal for growers looking for the most powerful, lightest and most innovative tool on the market. Its grip fits any hand and its large cutting diameter makes it comfortable to prune with. The numerous innovations of this pruning shear make it indispensable for professionals seeking either freedom of movement with the 150P pocket or the possibility to alternate tools with the 250 battery, which allows users to connect two...

  • Olive Harvest Tool

    Olive Harvest Tool

    A professional product, excellent return on investment, ultra-lightweight and offers exceptional handling. Use a PELLENC multifunction battery or a 12 V battery (the kind of battery used in a car) with a converter.

  • PELLENC - Front Mounted Shaker

    PELLENC - Front Mounted Shaker

    PELLENC’s expertise when it comes to shaking is available for tractor couplings. The pinch grip technology offers a robust yield while protecting the tree.

Products by Rhino - a registered trademark of the Alamo Group Inc.

  • Rotary Cutters -Single Spindle

  • Rhino  - Model 100 SERIES - Medium Duty Single Spindle Utility Rotary Mowers

    Rhino - Model 100 SERIES - Medium Duty Single Spindle Utility Rotary Mowers

    Rhino 100 Series cutters...simple operation, fresh styling, highest value!. Great value, simple to use, lasting durability and smart design describe the new 100 Series rotary cutters from Rhino®. Especially designed for utility mowing operations including small ranches, estates and farms with applications that include mowing grass, weeds or small brush up to 1-1/2” in diameter, the 100 Series is an excellent value in today’s single...

  • Rotary Cutters -Multi Spindle

  • Rhino - Model TW SERIES  - Heavy Duty Multispindle Rotary Mowers

    Rhino - Model TW SERIES - Heavy Duty Multispindle Rotary Mowers

    The TW Series are heavy duty crop shredders that make short work of those larger mowing jobs. TW120 and TW144 are ideal for pasture maintenance, orchard applications, shredding stalks, or cutting material up to 2' in diameter. The TW168 is built tough to shred stalks efficiently, including corn, cotton, milo, and vegetable crops with less maintenance costs than conventional flail units.

  • Finish Mowers

  • Rhino - Model FA Series  - Single Deck Mowers

    Rhino - Model FA Series - Single Deck Mowers

    The FA Series Finishing Mower Series features a tapered, sloped discharge area to provided even distribution of cut material across the width of the mower. This allows for less clumping and windrowing than similar mowers that use chain guards or rubber deflectors. In addition, built-in baffles help control the air and material flow through the cutting chamber, assuring a n even cut and even material distribution across the width of the mower....

  • Hay Equipment- Crop Driven Rakes

  • ECONOMY  - Model ER  - Crop Driven V-Type Rakes

    ECONOMY - Model ER - Crop Driven V-Type Rakes

    The Rhino V-Type Rake is designed and produced with a farmer’s budget in mind. Simple and efficient describe the ER8 and ER10. The narrow, folded position makes the ER rake convenient to transport from field to field. The ER rake is gentle on your hay, producing a light “fluffy” windrow with reduced “roping” of the crop material. The adjustable windrow width allows you to match the windrow to the pickup of your baler...

  • Hay Equipment - Hay Tedders

  • Rhino - Model PT - Hay Tedders

    Rhino - Model PT - Hay Tedders

    Easy manual height adjustments. Slip clutch driveline protection. Six spring steel tines per rotor. 5-10 MPH operating speeds. Low horsepower requirements. Narrow 10' transport width.

  • Loaders and Backhoes - Quicke and Rhino Loaders

  • Quicke  - Model 100 Series  - Loaders

    Quicke - Model 100 Series - Loaders

    from golf courses to parks. The Quicke 100 Series provides a wide range of compact loader options to fit your specific needs, all backed by Quicke's world-renowned unique loader design and market-leading capacity.

  • Boom Mowers

  • Rhino - Model SV2160 - Hydraulic Boom Rotary Mowers

    Rhino - Model SV2160 - Hydraulic Boom Rotary Mowers

    The 2160 hydraulic boom rotary cutter is designed for agricultural applications including cutting grass, weeds, and material up to 2' in diameter on an intermittent basis. The 2160 hydraulic boom rotary cutter is designed for agricultural applications including cutting grass, weeds, and material up to 2' in diameter on an intermittent basis.

  • Ditch Bank Mowers

Products by Industrias David SL

  • Arbo

  • Hydraulic Plant

    Hydraulic Plant

    Hydraulic power unit to be coupled to the tractor by a three-point hitch. Driven by the P.T.O. and designed for use with hydraulic farming implements mounted to the tractor, like cane trimmers, pre-pruning machines, leaf pluckers, interstocks, etc.

  • Chassis  - Automatic in Row Weeders

    Chassis - Automatic in Row Weeders

    Non cultivation chassis equipped with 1 o 2 electro hydraulic in-row weeder (for vines or trees), fully automated, for the cultivation and weeding between the plants in a row (e.g. vineyard and orchard). The in-row weeders are driven by a hydraulic power unit and controlled by a control panel installed in the tractor cab. The chassis can be design in different sizes and shapes in order to be adjusted to any kind of plantation. To be...

  • Thermal Weed Control Equipment

    Thermal Weed Control Equipment

    This equipment is designed for the elimination and control of weed by means of a thermal treatment. A thermal –shock is applied to the weeds by using a thermal shield with gas burners. Punctual temperatures up to 1000°C are applied to the weed within milliseconds causing a dehydration of the weed, eliminating them in an environmental friendly way.

  • Model DUPLEX - Hydraulic Forklifts

    Model DUPLEX - Hydraulic Forklifts

    Son elevadores hidráulicos acoplables a tractor de manera frontal o a los 3 puntos traseros de cualquier tractor. Equipan mástiles telescópicos de dos cuerpos (dúplex) con perfiles de chapa estampada de acero antidesgaste (serie ligera) o de acero laminado en forma de “U” (serie reforzada).

  • Horti

  • Solid Fertilizer Distributors Bedders

    Solid Fertilizer Distributors Bedders

    High performance machine for applying organic fertilizers (dung) with integrated plough. The machine is pulled and driven by the hydraulic system of the tractor. The equipment allows an accurate dosing of the fertilizer either by spreading in the surface or by localizing it at a defined depth in the soil. The high flexibility and the multiple available accessories allow the use in many different plantations. 

  • Semichisel Cultivadores

    Semichisel Cultivadores

    Semichisel cultivator specially designed to work in vineyards and orchard plantations. Different models available adjustable to the kind of plantation. To be coupled in the rear three point hitch of any tractor. The particular disposition of the arms allow to work always at the same distance between arms independent if the cultivator is totally extended or folded, avoiding obstructions with grass or weeds. Its...

  • Olive

  • Surface Spreaders for Fertilizers

    Surface Spreaders for Fertilizers

    Machine for spreading organic fertilizers (dung) and mineral fertilizers, pulled and driven by the hydraulic system of the tractor. The machine allows an accurate dosing and spreading of the product in a width up to 15 meter, with an excellent crushing and homogeneous distribution of the fertilizers.

Products by Littau Harvester

  • Harvester

  • Model ORXL - Over the Row Harvester

    Model ORXL - Over the Row Harvester

    The 2013 ORXL Over-the-Row Harvester is our newest berry harvester design that has a large platform and storage area. It improves on earlier designs for more fresh quality fruit.

  • Over-the-Row Harvester

    Over-the-Row Harvester

    Cummins B Series 3.3 Liter Turbo Diesel Engine. Dynamic hydraulic fail safe brakes. Custom Automatic Leveling and Electronic Assisted Steering by Littau Harvester. Patented High Density Dual Pattern Catcher Setup. Horizontal or vertical freewheeling rotary shaker system.

  • Side Row Harvester

    Side Row Harvester

    Dynamic Hydraulic Fail Safe Brakes. Kubota 2.3 Liter Diesel Engine. Automatic Leveling by Sundstrand. Electronic Assisted Steering by Littau Harvester. Horizontal or Vertical Freewheeling Rotary Shaker System.

  • Apple Harvester

    Apple Harvester

    Littau Harvester and Van Doren Sales are proud to introduce a new kind of harvester that makes apple harvesting easier, faster, and more efficient than ladder picking.

  • Mulch/Sawdust Spreader Comparison

  • Model SS8 - Mulch/Sawdust Spreader

    Model SS8 - Mulch/Sawdust Spreader

    The SS8 model is our most popular model. With a 52' width (or tire track) you'll be able to spread barkdust or other material to most fruit bush rows. A Sawdust Spreader is a rectangular shaped-bucket shaped container used to hold and distribute sawdust. It discharges material out either the left or right side of the spreader via a switch.

  • Model SS15 - Mulch/Sawdust Spreader

    Model SS15 - Mulch/Sawdust Spreader

    With a 78' width (or tire track) you'll be able to spread barkdust or other material to large fruit bush rows. A Sawdust Spreader is a rectangular shaped-bucket shaped container used to hold and distribute sawdust. It discharges material out either the left or right side of the spreader via a switch.

  • Model SS20 - Mulch/Sawdust Spreader

    Model SS20 - Mulch/Sawdust Spreader

    With a 78' width (or tire track) you'll be able to spread barkdust or other material to large fruit bush rows. A Sawdust Spreader is a rectangular shaped-bucket shaped container used to hold and distribute sawdust. It discharges material out either the left or right side of the spreader via a switch.

  • Other Products

  • Model SFM-10 - Spray Hood

    Model SFM-10 - Spray Hood

    Littau spray hoods can be mounted to any make of tractor. Our hoods can adjust up or down and side to side from the seat of the tractor. The hood angle can be adjusted to fit the hill you're working on. Our heavy duty design is preferred by many growers.

Products by Croplands

  • Pegasus - Trailed Sprayers

    Pegasus - Trailed Sprayers

    The Pegasus range of trailed sprayers are available with 21 to 36 metre booms featuring the unique parallelogram boom lift and superior hydraulic accumulator suspension which maximizes boom spraying stability, increases broadacre spraying accuracy and dramatically improves boom life. UV and chemical spraying resistant polyethylene tanks are available in 4000, 5000 or 6000 sizes. These sprayers are made to superior quality.

Products by Reese Group Ltd

  • Nairn - Harvesters

  • Nairn  - Model 2680 - Harvester

    Nairn - Model 2680 - Harvester

    The latest addition to the Nairn Self-Propelled Harvester range, this harvester is based on the 680 Tow Behind and offers compact engineering ideally suited to the boutique vineyard with minimal headlands and narrower row widths. Essential for those wanting high quality grapes from vine to winery.

  • Nairn  - Model 630 - Harvester

    Nairn - Model 630 - Harvester

    Belt Conveyors with cleats make this harvester ideal for a wide range of conditions.  Ease of operation and service ensure the 630 is suitable for vineyards and operators of any size who have price and harvesting economy in mind

  • Nairn  - Model 680 - Harvester

    Nairn - Model 680 - Harvester

    The benchmark harvester of all Tow-Behind grape harvesters. With the Nairn picking head, a robust chassis designed to last the years and many options on configuration, this is the most popular harvester available.

  • Nairn  - Model 780 - Harvester

    Nairn - Model 780 - Harvester

    Similar to the 680, but with bigger buckets and bigger chassis for bigger vines with bigger crop loads. Ideal for minimal pruned vines and wider cross arms.

  • Aitchison - Cultivators

  • Easyflow  - Model WT6868 or WT7774 - Light Tine Cultivator

    Easyflow - Model WT6868 or WT7774 - Light Tine Cultivator

    The Aitchison wideline cultivator is designed as a finishing machine for field cultivation. It is a trailed 6.85 metre (23 foot) or 7.75 metre (25 foot) folding machine ideally suited for those wishing to minimise seed-bed preparation time. The floating gangs follow the ground contour giving unequalled coverage. The Easyflow utilises a unique quadrant action lift mechanism. Not only does a single cam fold the cultivator, but it...

  • Aitchison - Grass Farmer - Pasture Drills

  • Model 3014C & 3018C - Pasture Tine Drills

    Model 3014C & 3018C - Pasture Tine Drills

    Aitchison Grassfarmer Pasture Drills are designed specifically for pastures requiring renovation and renewal also suitable for cultivated soils. They are a lower cost economy linkage model with seed box only. Ideal for first time no-tillers. Low HP requirements. Accurate sponge seed feed mechanism sows all seeds at rates from as low as 1kg/ha (0.9lbs/acre) and up to 350kg/ha (311lbs/acre). Ni-hard knock on/off Aitchison inverted 'T'boots with Tungsten...

  • Reese UFO- Disc Mowers

  • Reese UFO- Drum Mower

  • Model 1600  - Drum Mower

    Model 1600 - Drum Mower

    1.6 metre cut (5'3') cut twin drum 3 point linkage machine recommended for smaller holdings and light tractors. A minimum of 30 HP is recommended to power the 1600.

  • Model 2070W  - Drum Mower

    Model 2070W - Drum Mower

    2.07 metre cut (6' 9') cut twin drum 3 point linkage machine recommended for medium holdings and small tractors. A minimum of 45 HP is recommended to power the 2070.