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  • Biostimulants

  • Vitazyme Represents

    Vitazyme Represents

    Vitazyme represents a breakthrough to larger, more profitable crop yields, and healthier plants while promoting a more “sustainable” approach to agriculture. Standard chemical approaches have helped spur the 20th century farming revolution, but have created potential toxicity problems for farmers, consumers and the environment. In addition, these inputs are expensive and have driven many farmers to reconsider their approach. Vitazyme helps...

  • ODOR-X - Bio-catalytic Odor Suppressant and Waste Reducer

    ODOR-X - Bio-catalytic Odor Suppressant and Waste Reducer

    ODOR-X is an all-natural, bio-catalytic odor suppressant and waste reducer. It is designed to reduce odors and aid in the breakdown of odor-causing waste compounds such as sulphides, mercaptans, sulphur dioxide, aldehydes, amines and phenols.

  • Root Activator

    Root Activator

    Root Activator is a 100% natural product which safely promotes regeneration of roots through increased elongation rates. Root Activator stimulates fast root growth, reduces transplant shock, and hastens plant establishment. Use on all newly planted or transplanted plants and soil, and any time additional root growth is desired to reach the potential of underperforming plants.

  • Soils

  • Bulk Soils

    Bulk Soils

    Most soil professionals understand that organic matter is the “Heart of Soil Fertility”; it is the indispensable part of the soil with so many important properties that entire volumes have been written on the subject. Take a look at some of the benefits that organic matter adds to soils.

  • Bagged Soils

    Bagged Soils

    Vital Earth manufactures the highest quality organic soils, mulches, and composts available. We offer retailers and landscape professionals the best products in the industry. Eighteen of our soil mixes, composts, and mulches are available in bags suitable for retail sales or for the convenience of landscape contractors. These products are available by the pallet at our Big Sandy Plant or by delivery in quantities as low as four pallets...